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Design outsourcing for a furniture company

In October-February 2021 and 2022, we completed a project for a foreign furniture company

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Consulting service for a company in the furniture industry

Our client was a company that had been in the furniture business for years, and approached us to find the relationship between spending on its goals and the amount of costs the company was incurring. The goal was to determine what is causing the rising costs and to answer questions about which costs are rising at the same time and which are correlated with each other.

What activities were included in the project

For best results, we conducted an in-depth interview and many discussions with the client about the project. We translated the customer's requirements and expectations into mathematical language and then into the language of system requirements.

The results of consulting for a company in the furniture industry

Interviews with the client and discussions about the project helped them understand the company's problem and chalk out a new goalThe goal of the project was to create a system that, based on basic parameters about employees and historical data, would forecast employee costs in the future. The construction of the model was done on the basis of data from 5 different countries where the client had branches. The model was presented in Excel. The most important assumption in developing the model was not to exceed the forecast error of 5%, which was achieved. The end result was work with a developer who, based on an Excel model, implemented the system into the company's internal program.

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