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Acquiring business partners for Bielenda company

Acquiring business partners in the USA and Ecuador for Bielenda Natural Cosmetics Ltd.

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bielenda case study


One of the leaders in the Polish cosmetics industry - Bielenda Kosmetyki Naturalne Sp. z o. o., a Polish company established in 1990 - needed our support in acquiring business partners in the target markets. This was one of the key elements when starting a business in a new environment, and the first collaborations define further development in a given market.


The first stage consisted of mapping companies from the US and Ecuador potentially interested in cooperation with our client. The contractor base created met the original objectives and was accepted by the client. This process enabled us to work more optimally in the rest of the project.

The second stage was direct contact via email or telephone with the entities included in the aforementioned database by our team. The results were satisfactory to the client, and the entities that expressed willingness to cooperate matched the company profile sought. We showed the data regarding the contact information of the companies on a continuous basis, which enabled Bielenda to more effectively conduct conversations with potential contractors.


After a four-month collaboration, a client planning to expand its business in foreign markets was able to hold talks at an advanced level thanks to the provision of contacts operating in the US and Ecuador. 

If you are also planning to expand overseas and need support in attracting partners -. contact us!

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