Case study

Construction sector analysis for Lafarge

Over a period of four months, we carried out a project for Lafarge. The company has been operating in Poland since 1995 and has about 1,500 employees. The service was related to an analysis of the market environment, in one of the key sectors of the construction market in Poland. Despite its vast experience in this market, the company approached us because it wanted additional information from an experienced advisor.

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Porter's 5 forces and the McKinsey matrix


The preparation of the service required in-depth desk research, from which we were able to obtain high-quality secondary data.
In the next step, we studied the differences in the figures that were present in the analyses conducted by other consulting firms. To generate great added value for the client, we conducted our own analyses of the sector.


As part of the project, we provided Lafarge with compiled information on the analyzed sector, with particular attention to the correctness of the figures. Then, based on the information obtained, we created forecasts for the development of the sector in future years.
Cyclical weekly meetings contributed to the success of the project. During them, we tailored our analysis to Lafarge's needs and flexibly planned the next week's activities.
If you are in a similar situation and need a professional service regarding market analysis or competitive analysis -. contact us, whether you are entering a new market or consider yourself a market leader. Together we will determine how we can help you get the information your business needs!

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