Case study

Market analysis
and competition for Bakoma S.A.

A Polish food company needed to understand the macroeconomic environment of its sector and the factors shaping the market. Commissioned by Bakoma, we prepared an analysis of the global, European and Polish lactic acid market and a competition study, enabling the company to make further business decisions.

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At the turn of two months, The ConQuest Consulting team has developed For Bakoma Sp. z o.o., a company operating in the food industry, An analysis of the global, European and Polish lactic acid market with a detailed competitive study. The company was founded in 1989 and is one of the strongest producers of dairy products in Poland and abroad. The company's products are available
in countries such as Poland, the US, the UK, Portugal, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania and Estonia. The purpose of the report was to identify potential areas of development within the industry under study and to assist in the decision on production volumes.


What activities were included in the project?

The project consisted of two parts: market research - analysis of foundational data, interviews with experts
and potential customers, and competitive analysis - Mystery Shopper surveys.

The market analysis included Identification of the macroeconomic environment and estimation of the value of the global, European and Polish lactic acid market, along with an indication of forecasts for the coming years and factors shaping the market situation. The task set before the project team was also to determine the demand of potential customers for lactic acid and its derivative, polylactide, as well as to learn about the expectations and preferences of potential customers. The information obtained in the desk research on the lactic acid market was deepened during 32 interviews
With experts and potential customers.

An in-depth analysis of European competitors selling lactic acid was performed, which included an analysis of market players' pricing policies, distribution methods and markets, as well as an analysis of the financial situation of the companies studied.


The results of the consultancy for Bakoma

Our study has enabled Bakoma S.A. learn about the macroeconomic environment of their sector and the factors shaping the market. With the results obtained, the company was able to make further business decisions to properly direct its operations and select the most promising markets.

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