Case study

Analysis of the publishing market for the New Era company

Analysis of the potential of the indicated entity's offer against the background of the Polish preschool education market.

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Consulting service for New Era company

The ConQuest Consulting team over the course of 2 months prepared a report evaluating the potential of Nowa Era Sp. z o.o.'s offerings against the background of the Polish preschool education market. Poland's largest educational publisher approached us to better understand the competition in this market sector.

What activities were included in the project?

The preparation of the report required a thorough study secondary and primary data, which were collected by us in the initial phase of the project. The study included an analysis of the preschool education market with a demographic analysis of Polish society and a legal analysis. As part of the activities, the project team analyzed the offers of other players in the market to determine gaps in the client's offer. An important element of the report was the financial model, which included a detailed analysis of costs and revenues from operations over the years. The whole thing was completed by an analysis of SWOT, on the basis of which we examined the strengths and weaknesses of the client's offerings and made recommendations on this basis.

Results of consulting for New Era company

The results of our work helped New Era make decisions about A new range of textbooks aimed at preschool children. In addition, the financial model we created enabled the company to assess its ability to achieve its profitability targets.

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