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Business plan for MEDtube Ltd.

We carried out a project on behalf of MEDtube Ltd. to create a feasibility study of a telementoring platform for doctors, which allows the exchange of medical knowledge between specialists from all over the world.

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Business plan for Medtube

Consulting Service for MEDtube Ltd.

The ConQuest Consulting team has completed a complex consulting project for MEDtube Ltd, an innovative company operating in the medical sector. MEDtube creates telementoring platforms for doctors, enabling the exchange of knowledge and experience between specialists from all over the world.

What activities were included in the project?

The project began with the creation of A feasibility study of a new telementoring platform. The first step was to conduct an in-depth market analysis, including competitive and stakeholder analysis. The ConQuest Consulting team then focused on technical and legal analysis to ensure that the platform would comply with applicable regulations and standards.

A key element of the project was also The development of a business model according to A. Osterwalder's methodology, which made it possible to create a predictable and scalable business strategy. The project also included a financial forecast and the development of a strategic business plan, which set the company's development directions for the next five years.

Results of MEDtube consulting

Thanks to its partnership with ConQuest Consulting, MEDtube has received a a comprehensive report that analyzed in detail the key aspects necessary for the development and implementation of a telementoring platform. The report included not only market and competitive analysis, but also strategic guidance for further development.

As a result, MEDtube obtained a clear and well thought-out roadmap that allowed it to Effective implementation of the platform in the international market. The company also gained confidence that their new service was technically and legally perfected, which provided a solid foundation for further growth and expansion.

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