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Survey for the Warsaw School of Economics

The Warsaw School of Economics, regarded as one of the best Polish economic universities, needed the support of our team to accelerate project work and obtain a picture of the market situation. Responding to the Principal's needs, we carried out a survey, which allowed the university to proceed to further stages of the ongoing project.

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Over a period of three months, we carried out a survey for the Warsaw School of Economics, which is regarded as one of the best economic universities in Poland, and its graduates achieve numerous professional successes. The university approached us because it needed the support of the ConQuest Consulting team to accelerate the project work and get a broader view of the current market situation. Had it not been for our support, SGH's internal project could have exceeded its target completion time. Respondents to the survey conducted were corporate executives on a group of 300 entities, the purpose of which was to obtain information for a study of the likelihood of companies failing.



The assignment included the creation of the survey questionnaire and the development of the results obtained. In the survey, we used the CATI method, using software that assisted our consultant in conducting the interview by telephone, and the IDI method, consisting of a face-to-face interview with the respondent.

In addition, we prepared a dedicated tool in an Excel spreadsheet aggregating and calculating the analyzed indexes, which allowed the Principal to easily interpret the acquired data.




Our questionnaire survey enabled the Warsaw School of Economics to learn about the market situation and to obtain information for calculating the probability of companies failing. Thanks to the conclusions received, the university was able to speed up the process of its ongoing work and move on to further stages of the project.

If you are planning to conduct a survey on a specific group of respondents, to find out their opinion on a particular topic, or to study consumer preferences in the market -. contact us. Let's work together to determine how we can help you get the information your business needs!


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