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Knajdek Woma's overseas expansion

See how we helped Woma Knajdek Furniture Ltd. prepare strategies to enter the Norwegian market.

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Norwegian market entry strategy

Consulting service for Woma Knajdek Furniture company

ConQuest Consulting team completed a consulting project for the company Woma Knajdek Furniture, a Polish manufacturer of boats and houses on the water.

Our client has decided to expand its presence into a new market - Norway to increase diversification and effectively grow its business.

What activities were included in the project

At the client's request, we have prepared a report containing an analysis of the Norwegian power boat market (with emphasis on houseboats), an analysis of the competition operating in this market, and strategies for entering the Norwegian market. Furthermore, a sales strategy for the target market was prepared. The information necessary to complete the work was obtained through the implementation of secondary and primary research, including, among other things, the analysis of existing commercial reports and academic articles, and interviews with experts operating in the aforementioned industry.

Consultancy results for Woma Knajdek Furniture

In carrying out this service, the company received A specially tailored, comprehensive report, which detailed analyzes key factors Influencing the company's growth prospects in the selected market.

The report consisted of: An analysis of trends and practices in the target market, an in-depth analysis of the client's direct competition, and a strategy for entering the Norwegian market.

Margaret Knajdek, a member of the board of directors, commented on our cooperation in this way:

"The project was carried out reliably, taking into account our needs and requirements, with full professionalism and diligence. For this reason, we recommend ConQuest Consulting as a company that provides high-quality business consulting services for the entry of a Polish entrepreneur into a foreign market."

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