Case study

Project Outsourcing for Movens Advisory

Commissioned by Movens Advisory, the ConQuest Consulting team has prepared a report providing a competitive analysis of dedicated gifts in the German market.

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Project Outsourcing for Movens Advisory


The study involved obtaining and analyzing information on the breadth and depth of the product portfolios of the largest companies in the analyzed market, the prices and additional services offered, and the consumer experience. The study consisted of an analysis of available quantitative and qualitative information on product offerings, an analysis of pricing strategy, an analysis of additional services and customer experience, and an analysis of the foundational data. Based on the information obtained, the project team presented conclusions and created a recommendation.


The delivered material included a comprehensive implementation of the project bid points. The cooperation ended with Movens Capital Sp. z o.o. issuing a reference for the ConQuest Consulting team.

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