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Design outsourcing for Ringier Axel Springer

Ringer Axel Springer's support in organizing the industry event.

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Project Outsourcing


One of the ConQuest Consulting team members supported an internal project on the side of the client - Ringier Axel Springer. It consisted of organizing the event "Business Insider Global Trends Festival". Due to a shortage of resources, our consultant worked effectively with an external Project Manager, implementing various project activities.


The assignment involved the execution of instructions assigned by the Employer, with the ConQuest Consulting consultant, quoting the reference letter, "demonstrated diligence and conscientiousness" in performing the assigned tasks. This is confirmed by another entry from the reference letter, which informs that all shuffles "were performed carefully and on time."

In addition, in the next part, a consultant from ConQuest Consulting was responsible for coordinating communication processes with the event's stakeholders. All activities were consulted with the Project Manager on the side of Ringier Axel Springer, who confirms a high degree of independence during the work of our team member.


Our project support allowed Ringier Axel Springer to realize all the assumptions related to the organization of the event "Business Insider Global Trends Festival". Thanks to the outsourcing of certain processes, the event created by our client was able to take place on the initially accepted date and according to the original plan.

If your company is running out of resources for certain activities, and the deadline for their implementation is approaching faster and faster - contact us. Together we will determine how we can help you.

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