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An investor presentation outlining a comprehensive platform for serving target customers in the institutional rental market (PRS).

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Investor presentation for rent club company

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In April 2022, a member of the ConQuest Consulting Team prepared the following on behalf of Ltd. investor presentation presenting a comprehensive platform to serve target customers in the institutional rental market (PRS).

What activities were included in the project?

Creating a pitchdeck involved performing an in-depth analysis of the market, showing its potential, skillfully presenting the problem present in the market and a solution that meets the complex needs of several groups of target customers. We also developed a unique value proposition and business model, describing the
in exactly how the startup intends to generate revenue and deliver value to its audience. We analyzed potential competition operating in the sector and showed's advantages, which enabled us to highlight the market gap.

We additionally gave the entire presentation a graphic treatment, in order to make it easy for investors to understand the product and increase the likelihood of gaining their interest and establishing initial partnerships.

Consulting results for

The final version of the investor presentation helped to present its business assumptions, target market and synergies in a professional manner to potential partners and investors and met the expectations of the company's Management Team. Thanks to its professional form, the first interest of investors and others was gained, taking the first step towards scaling the business.

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