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Project support for the Royal Danish Embassy

Creation of a comprehensive database of Polish listed companies and organizational assistance.

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Consultancy service for the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark

In January-March 2020, we conducted a project to create a comprehensive databases of Polish listed companies and assistance with organization of the event for their representatives on behalf of the Royal Danish Embassy.

What activities were included in the project?

The project team thoroughly analyzed the data of Polish listed companies, to then conduct a comprehensive analysis ourselves. In addition, we offered extensive assistance in matters related to organizing events for their representatives.

Resolutions of advice to the Royal Danish Embassy

The Royal Danish Embassy recognized the data we have acquired as very useful and valuable, quoting Elzbieta Wójtowicz, with whom we had the pleasure of working on this project, "Cooperation with ConQuest Consulting went very well, contact was maintained on an ongoing basis. The project team demonstrated reliability towards our requirements and comments provided during the project work. The final database contained a summary of the entire cooperation process, as well as the necessary information, as stipulated in the contract."

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