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The material we prepared on behalf of is a so-called "lead magnet," i.e. free content for a potential customer in exchange for their contact information.

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Over a period of one month, we completed a promotional report for, a Warsaw-based crowdfunding platform, aimed at gaining the interest of potential investors. The company approached us because it needed the support of the ConQuest Consulting team in conducting analysis and graphic processing of the developed material.

What activities were included in the project?

The project consisted of two parts conducted simultaneously. The first stage involved the development of substantive inputs, including:

  • Desk research analysis

Under which we have identified the main market trends, we gathered the most important information about the market and selected companies that have achieved success, thanks to crowdfunding issues.

  • Selection of companies for the case study

We selected 6 Polish and foreign companies, Which gave investors a return on investment after the crowdfunding issue. Among them were Revolut and Incuvo.

  • Analysis of the venture capital investment and crowdfunding market in Poland

In the report you will also find information about the value of the venture capital market and crowdfunding services in Poland and factors affecting the development of both sectors.

  • Legal analysis

We have also included the most up-to-date information about the new ECSP regulation and how it will affect crowdfunding platforms and investors!

The second stage in the creation of the promotional report was graphic processing of all acquired and compiled data and information. Its scope included graphic design of the material, layout of elements or creation of illustrations and infographics. All changes were regularly discussed with our client, who had full insight into the creation of the report and could make any suggestions. During graphic processing We used the best practices in UX and design of such materials.

Consulting results for

The material we developed allowed to begin its efforts to attract more investors, thereby creating an opportunity to start conversations with perspective startups willing to conduct a crowdfunding issue on the platform.

Quoting our client - Piotr Łuszczek, Vice President of the Management Board of "I am very satisfied with the cooperation with the ConQuest Consulting team, which became known as a trustworthy business partner and fulfilled all the requirements we set, showing high flexibility and openness to our needs. The materials prepared were done with total professionalism and attention and care to detail."

If you are planning to prepare a promotional report and want to gain the interest of potential customers or business partners -. contact us. Together we will determine how we can help you.

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