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Catering market research for Charlie Food & Friends

Creating a database of restaurants offering food by weight

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The ConQuest Consulting team conducted desk research for Charlie Food & Friends, a food service company that prepares meals by weight. The client approached us to learn about its competition. The study was to assess the validity of the company's chosen direction of development.



Preparation of the report required a desk research analysis based on the secondary data found and the commissioner's own materials. The survey was supplemented by interviews with employees of food outlets offering food by weight, representatives of companies that are operators of the outlets or managers of buildings where such outlets were located in order to collect the information sought.



The database created by the ConQuest Consulting team, consisting of 150 catering outlets and 70 outlets belonging to one of the hypermarket chains in Poland, was a source of information supporting the process of making important decisions at the strategic level. The analysis carried out confirmed the correctness of the client's chosen direction.
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