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Qualitative study for Polish Bank of Stem Cells

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Consulting service for Polish Bank of Stem Cells

Polish Bank of Stem Cells commissioned our team to study the Belarusian cord blood banking market. The final scope of the report is an analysis of six areas of the company's immediate environment and a qualitative survey conducted on representatives of public institutions in Belarus.

What activities were included in the project?

Thanks to our extensive partner network, we have been able to carry out Expert interviews with representatives of public institutions in Belarus. The opportunity to talk to and ask questions of people who are currently working in the surveyed market allowed the Learning about market insights, trends or key information.

The results of the consultancy for the Polish Bank of Stem Cells

The information we obtained during numerous conversations with market experts made it possible to A broad view of the cord blood banking market in Belarus. Selection of the most relevant and frequently recurring elements in the statements of the respondents, contributed to the knowledge of the most important market information.

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