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Partners Matching for JAWAR Chimneys

Partners Matching service in the German market for Jawar Ltd.

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Partners Matching JAWAR Chimneys

Consulting service for the company JAWAR Chimneys

In February-March 2021, the ConQuest Consulting team prepared the following on behalf of Jawar Partners Matching service in the German market.

What activities were included in the project?

The project included telephone and e-mail contact using modern tools to attract business partners. The first stage of the project was to build a database of potential contacts located in the specified states based on the developed target group of the offered solution. Subsequently, the ConQuest Consulting team began contacting entities by phone and e-mail in order to establish cooperation. At the end of the project, the list of interested companies to place an order was forwarded to Jawar.

Consulting results for JAWAR Chimneys

The result of the activities undertaken was the preparation of a comprehensive database of potential business partners, which allowed Jawar Sp. z o.o. to begin expansion into the German market and gain prospects for future business development.

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