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Consulting service for Mazovia Railways

The ConQuest Consulting team has completed a consulting project over the past few months for the Mazovia Railways. It is one of the largest passenger transport companies in Poland. It was established in 2004 by the Mazovian Voivodeship Local Government and PKP Przewozy Regionalne and has been providing a public service for regional rail passenger services ever since.

In 2019 Mazovian Railways transported a total of 62.1 million passengers, performing an operational work counting 17.8 million train-kilometers - being among the top three carriers in both categories. However, one more thing is needed to stay ahead of its competitors - customer satisfaction. To succeed, therefore, it is crucial to know exactly what your passengers' preferences are.

Our client wanted to know the opinion and expectations of his service recipients, to best tailor its offerings to their needs and increase their loyalty and commitment. With our consulting service, it can better understand its passengers!

What activities were included in the scope of our project?

The execution of this project required us to complete several specific steps.

The first was to carry out PAPI surveys On the target group, namely KM train passengers. PAPI (Paper & Pen Personal Interview) is a quantitative method of collecting information that involves a face-to-face interview by an interviewer with a respondent. On the sidelines on Mazovia Railways trains we were able to collect nearly 2,000 surveys, Which exceeded the expected number of responses!

The next step, was to analyze the responses we collected from respondents.

Only when we aggregated the results of all the surveys could we compile and analyze them, which enabled us to create a comprehensive report Along with recommendations for our client.

Results of counseling for Mazovia Railways

All of the above project steps have contributed to Create a unique, customized report, describing the detailed opinions and needs of its target group. In addition, it allowed more people in the company to become familiar with passenger preferences, which contributed to a better understanding of the customer by the company as a whole.

The results of our work allowed Mazovian Railways to identify areas that work in an exemplary manner and those that need improvement. With our support, the company can continuously improve its offerings and services, and increase the loyalty and satisfaction of its customers by building a long-term relationship with them.

Quoting the reference letter provided to us by Sales Director and Board Member Dariusz Grajda "The cooperation with ConQuest Consulting went very well, helped by constant communication and flexibility in the actions taken, which resulted in the tailoring of the final report to our needs."

Thanks to a survey we conducted, Mazovian Railways can make better business decisions and continuously improve customer satisfaction, which translates into results for the entire organization!

If you would like to learn about your customers' preferences or conduct another quantitative survey - the fill out the form below, and we will be happy to tell you how we can help you!




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