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Wondering what your competitors' best practices are, but lack the time and resources to look into it thoroughly? Do you see the value of your sales declining and want to find out what drives consumers to choose another company's products? Our team can help you with that!

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Analysis of competitors' offerings
Financial analysis
Analysis of marketing activities
Analysis of outreach channels

We understand your needs.

Working with our customers, we see that Many companies pay too little attention to their competition. Checking what the current best market practices are is not standard. This causes companies to lack a benchmark when making changes to their business processes.

At ConQuest Consulting, we help our clients see what they can improve to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. In addition to obtaining the information you need, we will analyze it and work with you to draw conclusions that will help you stand out in the market.


Provide information on the operational activities of competitors with identification of strengths and weaknesses

Verification of the channels to reach the potential audience

Create a unique value proposition

Getting to know the specifics of the products offered by competitors

Identify the target group of solutions offered by competitors

Identification of market best practices and identification of success factors

Juxtaposing your company's market position with the competition


Identification of the competitive environment

Analysis of the sales process of competitors

Analysis of data from public and commercial databases

Analysis of the specifics of products and services offered by competitors

Analysis of pricing policy and financial data

Analysis of marketing activities and outreach channels used by competitors

What is competition analysis?

Competitor analysis is a key element of business strategy, examining and evaluating the activities of competitors to understand one's position in the market. This process includes identifying competitors, analyzing their offerings, including products, services, prices and values, and analyzing their marketing and sales strategies. An important aspect is the assessment of competitors' strengths and weaknesses, which allows the identification of potential market opportunities.

Competitive analysis also takes into account monitoring of market trends and attempts to predict future actions of competitors. This allows companies to make more informed strategic decisions, tailor their offerings to market needs and find unique value for their target audience. This is an ongoing process that requires regular monitoring and updating of information.

How is it going project?

At ConQuest Consulting a big focus is on flexibility and individual approach to the client.

  1. For this reason, we start each project with a managerial consultation, during which we establish the details of cooperation, frequency of meetings and goals for the coming week to match the unique needs of your companyand allow you to monitor the progress of the work. For each project, a Project Manager, a dedicated project team and a Project Supervisor are appointed to ensure the success of the client and make sure that the project meets all original objectives.
  2. In the next step, we proceed to designate the companies to be analyzed.The companies can be appointed by our team based on a preliminary market analysis or by the client, who already has a list of potential competitors prepared at the beginning of the project.
  3. Nhe in-depth desk research will then be carried out, which is a study during which the goal is to collect the most important information about the competition, which will be used for estimation and analysis in the final report. During the survey we use commercial databases.
  4. The final result of the work is a dedicated report on your competition. We will prepare graphically clear material that will be of value not only to one department, but to the entire organization. Based on the information collected and analysis performed, you will receive a set of conclusions and strategic recommendations from us.

Price and Lead Time competition analyses?

The most important aspects affecting the cost and time of conducting a competitive analysis are the number of companies to be studied, the specifics of the industry, the method and the complexity of the analysis.

It takes from 2 to 8 weeks for several consultants to conduct the analysis, depending on the number of entities, the chosen method of analysis and the availability of the needed data. However, it is hard to give a specific amount of time that is needed to perform a competitive analysis. What matters is how thorough an analysis you want to do and how many factors you will take into account.

The cost of a comprehensive analysis by a consulting firm can range from several to tens of thousands of zlotys.

Why choose ConQuest Consulting?

Since 1998, ConQuest Consulting's analyses and market research have supported entities in Poland and abroad enabling them to achieve their strategic goals, as confirmed by numerous recommendations. We have completed more than 1,200 projects for 900 satisfied customers. Read sample case studies including analysis of market competitors and see what benefits companies such as Bakoma, Genesis Trade and Tergon!

We have carried out projects for companies from many industries.

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