Launching a new product on the market

Do you have an innovative product and want to bring it to market? Don't know where to start the commercialization process? Are you worried that you won't be able to handle the formalities? ConQuest Consulting will help you with it!

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Market research
Supply chain and distribution
Marketing strategy
Sales strategy

We understand your needs.

Working with our clients, we see that many companies in Poland face similar product launch challenges. While there are mainly research agencies on the market providing their clients with only dry data, we at ConQuest Consulting approach our consulting quite differently. We don't just provide the necessary information, but also make an in-depth analysis of it. Together with you, we draw conclusions that will allow you to make sound business decisions and successfully launch a new product.


Increase the chances of success of the new product

Finding the most appropriate sources of funding

Return on investment forecast

Development of conclusions and strategic recommendations

Preparation of commercialization strategy, including marketing and sales

Preparation of the strategy execution plan


Market potential analysis

Analysis of the competitive environment

Identification of potential competitive advantages

Identify the target group and its needs and preferences

Financing advice

Building a commercialization strategy based on OKR methodology and defining key performance indicators (KPIs)

What is product commercialization?

This is a comprehensive process of bringing a new product or service to market. The process involves various stages, from the initial idea and product development, through market research, testing, marketing strategies, production, to sales and distribution. In this process, aspects such as recognizing consumer needs, tailoring the product to meet those needs, effective marketing communications, supply chain and distribution management, and providing after-sales support and collecting customer feedback are important to continuously improve the product and sales strategy.

How is it going project?

Once the contract is signed, you will be contacted by a specially assigned Project Manager, who will be responsible for the proper conduct of the project and coordination of cooperation.

    1. Management consultations will be held first, during which the Project Manager, together with a dedicated project team, will try to study your needs, so that the final result satisfies you and provided a reliable basis for strategic decision-making.
    2. The second stage will be to conduct secondary research, primary research, or a combination of both methods, where our consultants will collect key market data and conduct in-depth analysis based on it. Based on the information obtained, the project team will start building a strategy for the product launch.
    3. A strategy built without the active participation of the client is useless, so during the course of the work the project team will arrange workshops and status meetings with you, and when the material is finalized, the whole thing will be presented to you during a follow-up meeting. We will then answer all your questions! Based on the information collected and analysis performed, you will receive a set of conclusions and strategic recommendations from us.

Price and Lead Time product commercialization strategy.

The most important aspects affecting the cost and time of conducting the analysis, are the number of factors to be studied, the selected market and the method of analysis.

It can take 2 to 6 months for a group of consultants to develop a product launch strategy, depending on the analysis approach chosen and the availability of key data. Precisely determining the time required to create a product launch plan is complicated because it depends on the specific characteristics of the target market, the depth of analysis you want to conduct and the number of factors you plan to consider.

Costs associated with the creation of such a plan, can oscillate from several thousand to tens of thousands of zlotys. They depend on various factors, such as the availability of market information, the need for primary research, the size of the research group, and the level of detail required.

Why choose ConQuest Consulting?

Since 1998 at ConQuest Consulting we realized More than 1,200 projects, supporting entities in Poland and abroad enabling them to achieve their strategic goals, as confirmed by numerous recommendations. If you want to find out how cooperation with other companies went, check out selected case studies: Commercialization of innovations for IPC PAS i Analyzing the potential of peer-to-peer carsharing applications for Novelty.

We have carried out projects for companies from many industries.

Contact us and our specialist will tell you about cooperation with companies similar to yours. Make an appointment to free consultationWe will be happy to tell you how a prepared strategy will help you make business decisions!


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