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Your business is growing rapidly and you're thinking about entering a new market, but don't know how to do it? Wondering which direction will be the most profitable? Need support in writing a grant application for internationalization? At ConQuest Consulting we will be happy to help you!

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What is foreign expansion

Foreign expansion is the process of expanding a company's operations into new markets. It can include investing in new products and services and increasing sales and marketing activities in new markets. Foreign expansion can be conducted through a variety of methods. It is often the first step a company takes as part of its global growth strategy. International expansion can help a company diversify revenues, gain access to new customers and resources, and increase brand recognition.

How is the foreign expansion project going at ConQuest Consulting?

At ConQuest Consulting, we provide consulting services to help companies expand their operations internationally. We assist both companies seeking financing and those that are financing expansion on their own. Our team combines its expertise in market research, competitive analysis and financial analysis to develop a comprehensive strategy to help you achieve your foreign expansion goals.

We will evaluate the potential of the target market to determine if the expansion project will be profitable,
We will analyze the legal and financial aspects, which are often a significant barrier to entering a new market,
We will develop metrics to evaluate your target market so that the decisions you make are backed by data,
We will map trends and best practices that will help you understand what standards are in your target market,
We will analyze the competitive environment so that you have a good understanding of what other market players are doing.

Our strategic consulting services provide an in-depth analysis of your current market position and needs. We also provide a detailed assessment of the foreign markets the company wishes to enter. We develop each strategy uniquely, tailoring it to the conditions in the target market to maximize potential profits while minimizing financial and operational risks.

Every situation is different. When you come to us, you are assured that we will approach your business, individually and flexibly, tailoring the analysis to the market you want to operate in.

How will Foreign Expansion help you?

Conducting overseas expansion diversifies a company's customer base, allowing it to increase profits and create a competitive advantage. In addition, entering new markets provides access to new resources, technology and talent. Foreign expansion also spreads the company's brand, giving it a global presence. Our activities have a real impact on relieving the burden on your company's various departments. We will help sales identify customer needs, marketing will provide the data needed for analysis, and we will develop a labor market analysis for HR. Our team will also prepare indicators to monitor the effectiveness of the expansion carried out, and these are just some of the areas whose activities.

Why ConQuest Consulting?

Helping companies expand abroad is our specialty. Since our inception in 1998, we have carried out hundreds of projects in the preparation of internationalization strategies or their individual parts. Expansion-related consulting projects were among the first we carried out, and it is to them that we owe the name we still have today - ConQuest Consulting.

We turn the know-how we have gained during this time into further successes for our clients, who are happy to recommend our services. Read about how we have helped a company that provides CRM systems and the company Knajdek Furniture In a similar problem to yours!

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