Financial analysis

Are you struggling with rising expenses that are limiting your profits and business growth? Do you need more control over costs? Want to improve operational efficiency, increase liquidity and strengthen your company's position in the market? In-depth financial analysis of your business, interactive Management Dashboard and cost optimization will help you achieve your goals.

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Analysis of structure and dynamics
Indicator analysis
Management Dashboard at PowerBI
Cost optimization

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In today's dynamic business environment, Effective cost management is key to maintaining competitiveness. Working with our clients on a daily basis, we see that in the current uncertain macroeconomic situation, they are increasingly struggling to significantly increase their operating costs, resulting in a A decline in profitability and fewer opportunities for investment in business development. Out-of-control spending increases pose a very big threat to the future of the company, so it is extremely important to keep them constant monitoring and optimization.

What is financial analysis and how does the project proceed?

The first step is Vertical (structure) and horizontal (dynamics) analysis Your company's financial data. During this stage, we analyze the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement. We then conduct indicator analysis, consisting of Profitability, liquidity, efficiency or debt analysis. In addition, we can also conduct a bankruptcy analysis and business valuation DCF method.

The next step is a detailed analysis of costs and revenues by type and place of generation. It is carried out cost decomposition and calculated margin particular products or business areas.

We then create a personalized Management Dashboard at PowerBI, with the help of which you will be able to more accurately than before analyze and control financial and sales data of your company. The PowerBI tool is rapidly gaining popularity and becoming a standard in many industries, so implementing it is a key step to avoid falling behind the competition.

A final, additional measure is to identify areas of activity where it is possible to cost reduction. Based on the analysis, areas where expenditures are excessive or do not bring the expected benefits are identified. Then, together with the client, the following is developed cost optimization strategy.

Price and execution time of financial analysis

The cost optimization project carried out by our specialists can take from 2 to 5 weeks, depending on the complexity of the analysis. On the other hand, the cost of the service is several thousand zlotys. It is also possible to implement only some elements from the specified scope.


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