Presentation for the investor - Pitch deck

Would you like to present your idea, service or innovative solution to your stakeholders? Would you like to attract the attention of investors to your idea? Do you run a startup and have a finished product you want to bring to the market, but lack funding? Our team will prepare an investor presentation for you to get funding!

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Obtaining financing
Presenting the solution
Gaining attention
Build trust

We understand the challenges with which entrepreneurs measure themselves.

Working over the years with our clients, We have gathered valuable experience that allows us to understand the challenges perfectly, faced by a company trying to raise financing for its innovative idea. W ConQuest Consulting takes an individual approach to each need, preparing a comprehensive presentation perfectly tailored to the profile of the investor you intend to address.


Pitch deck created from A to Z

More effective outreach to investors

An understandable presentation of the solution for investors

Realizing the innovation of your solution

Unique graphic design

Convincing investors that the venture is profitable


Describing the target group's problem and its solution

Market and competition analysis

Conducting desk research analysis

Analysis of commercial databases

Design a graphic layout or incorporate the existing identity

Assistance in refining the business model

Assistance in refining the business model

Development of financial data and forecasts

Price and preparation time investor presentation.

Preparation of investor presentation by our specialists It can take from 2 to 6 weeks. Unfortunately, it is impossible to determine the exact time it takes to complete such a project. The completion date depends on the complexity of the presentation.

The price for creating an investor presentation varies and can range from several to several thousand, and its amount depends on the comprehensiveness of the information required and how much material is already available from the customer.

Why choose ConQuest Consulting?

Since 1998 at ConQuest Consulting we have carried out more than 1,200 projects supporting entities in Poland and abroad enabling them to achieve their strategic goals, as confirmed by numerous recommendations. If you want to learn how our cooperation with other companies went, check out selected case studies: Pitch deck for Choicer and Pitch deck for company

We have carried out projects for companies from many industries.

Make an appointment at free consultation, and our specialist will tell you about cooperation with enterprises similar to yours.


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