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Do you want to generate more leads or increase the quality of leads? Are you looking for a way to reach new customers? Are you planning your next steps to increase traffic to your website? Or maybe you just want to build an image as a leader in your industry? Find out how a promotional report can help you achieve your business goals!

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Reaching out to new customers
Building a leadership image
Generate quality leads
Education of the target group

What are Lead Magnets?

A promotional report, or one type of lead magnet, is otherwise free material that solves a real problem for a potential customer, which they receive in exchange for providing their contact information. These are collected by filling out a form to download the report. People belonging to a precisely defined target group receive the free material, and thus your mailing base expands with quality leads, having knowledge of your company's services or offered products!

For a transaction to occur, a potential customer should first get to know your business, "like" your company as a contractor, and then trust you. Lead Magnet accelerates this process, becoming the catalyst that brings interested people down the sales funnel much faster.

We create content that generates leads.... and more!

As you can probably guess, the purpose of Lead Magnets is to attract potential customers. Thus, a well-prepared promotional report should arouse interest, cause viewers - especially decision-makers - not to pass by and keep their eyes while scrolling. A promotional report also provides a new marketing channel for reaching new customers, as well as increasing website traffic. When you have this type of material on your site you also diversify your content marketing using its next format.

Below is a list of selected benefits, which you can get through a promotional report:

  • Generating leads
  • Focusing the attention of decision makers
  • Building a leadership image
  • Reaching out to new customers
  • Increase website traffic
  • Improved quality of leads
  • Development of content marketing
  • Enable customer segmentation by precisely defining the report's target audience
  • Education of the target group
  • Lead catalyst - accelerating the purchase path of leads and moving them down the sales funnel
  • Increase the credibility of the company

Even 1 generated lead, Can cover the value of the project!

The purpose of promotional reports is often building an expert position in the market By sharing certain knowledge. With their help, you help your customers build interest in your business, the services or products you offer. In this way, you build your recognition and confidence among the target group, making promotional reports a very good source for acquiring leads.

If you use paid forms of promotion - Google Ads or Facebook ads - each visitor to your site is a cost to you. If you have a promotional report that is valuable to your audience, a well-thought-out strategy for promoting it, and a well-designed landing page, you can get a high conversion rate, allowing you to generate more leads in less time, so you spend less on advertising. In addition, if your company sells expensive products or services, a transaction made with a customer interested in your offer can pay you back many times the value of the promotional report project!

What are the characteristics of ConQuest Consulting's promotional reports?

During the purchasing process, one of ConQuest Consulitng's specialists, through collaborative conversations, will get to know the the purpose of developing your promotional report, so that we can tailor the offer to your individual needs. We will advise you on what to do to maximize the benefits of the report and help you choose the topic! After we have researched your needs, you will be contacted by a dedicated Project Manager, experienced in preparing promotional reports, who will be responsible for the proper course of the project and cooperation.

  1. As a first step, we will carry out managerial consulting, in which we will confirm the findings of the purchasing process and clarify the details of the promotional report and terms of cooperation.
  2. The dedicated project team led by the Project Manager will then proceed to preparation of substantive contributions. To this end, he will be served by the conducted quantitative and qualitative research On your designated audience. Our years of experience make us capable of obtaining information from even the most niche respondents. This will provide a major value to the audience of your promotional report! During the project work, the team will use multiple sources of information, from commercial databases to various websites.
  3. Once the substantive contribution is finalized, we will dress the whole thing up with a graphically attractive form. We will create a report design, develop infographics, illustrations, charts and other graphic elements. At ConQuest Consulting, we are constantly following the latest trends in computer graphics, UX and UI!
  4. If you need help developing a promotional strategy for your report, we can also choose the right marketing channels and advise you on how to maximize its audience! We will also develop promotional materials for your marketing efforts on social media and other channels.

Why choose promotional reports developed by the ConQuest Consulting team?

We are characterized by a comprehensive approach - from the development of content value to the preparation of graphic design and development of the final version of the report. We will prepare your material from A to Z! During the project work, we focus on close cooperation with our clients, so you will have constant insight into the progress of the work! For the report, we will conduct Quantitative and qualitative research, supplying it with data and information that cannot be obtained through traditional methods, providing the recipients of your report with tremendous value! If you don't know what topic you want the report to cover - don't worry! We will direct you and help you choose the best topic!

Since 1998, we have been helping our clients achieve their business goals. We have extensive experience and our portfolio includes over 800 satisfied companies, as evidenced by numerous recommendations. If you want to find out what they were about and how some of the promotional reports we have prepared, see: The report "How to Commercialize Innovation", Promotional report for the company

Make an appointment for a free consultation - We will be happy to tell you how such a promotional report could look like for your company! During the meeting we will provide you with specific examples of topics tailored to the target audience of your business!

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    Prepared from A to Z promotional report

    Marketing channel to generate leads

    Reaching out to new customers

    Increase website traffic

    Development of content marketing

    Educate your target audience

    Focusing the attention of decision makers


    Choosing a promotional report topic

    Conduct desk research analysis of selected sources

    Conduct quantitative and qualitative research

    Analysis of commercial databases

    Market and competition analysis

    Creation of graphic design

    Develop a promotional strategy for the report

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