Quantitative and qualitative research

With qualitative and quantitative research, you can have insight into what your partners or potential customers really think. Start making business decisions based on facts, not guesses!

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Online surveys (CAWI)

Telephone interviews (CATI)

In-depth individual interviews (IDI)

In-depth telephone interviews (TDI)

What are quantitative and qualitative research?

Quantitative research in market analyses involve collecting data in numerical form from a large sample and then analyzing it to gain insights into consumer behavior and preferences. Examples include surveys, questionnaires, focus groups and observational studies.

Qualitative research, on the other hand, focuses on understanding human feelings, beliefs, attitudes and behavior, and involves collecting and analyzing non-numerical data, aggregating adversity and diversity reported by respondents. Examples of qualitative research include interviews, observations and open-ended questions. This type of research provides more detailed insight into how customers think and what they feel about an issue, product or service.

Research techniques used

We have years of experience in conducting quantitative and qualitative research on large and specific research samples. For their implementation we use:

  • Online CAWI surveys (CAWI. Computer Assisted Web Interviewing)

This is a type of marketing research that involves surveys and interviews on an online platform. A CAWI survey provides fast and reliable results, as the answers to questions are automatically processed and visualized in the form of survey results.

  • CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) interviews

This is a method of collecting data via telephone. A CATI survey allows real-time data collection, allowing the respondent to answer questions during the interview. The software also allows the questions to be filled in automatically during the interview, significantly reducing the interview time.

  • In-Depth Individual Interviews IDI (In-Depth Interview).

They involve conducting one-on-one interviews with a target group to learn about their opinions, attitudes and preferences toward a product or service. Interviews are conducted in an open-ended format, giving the opportunity to speak freely. The purpose of the survey is to obtain information about consumers' perceptions of a particular product, as well as to clearly define their needs and expectations.

  • In-depth individual interviews TDI (Telephone In-Depth Interview).

This is a survey research method that involves conducting a telephone interview with a specific group of respondents. This survey is particularly useful in situations where there is a need to obtain detailed information from people who are difficult to reach or distant from the survey location. During the survey, the respondent is asked a series of questions designed to find out his or her opinions, attitudes, or attitudes toward a particular issue.

How will quantitative and qualitative research help you?

By performing quantitative and qualitative research, we are able to provide you with data and information that are difficult to obtain by traditional methods. Thanks to them, you will be able to learn about the opinions, attitudes or preferences of a selected group of recipients, as well as determine their needs and expectations, and, above all, avoid the costs associated with mismatched actions to the needs of the market.

What, among other things, will quantitative and qualitative research help you with?

  • Getting to know the specific needs of the target group
  • Getting to know your customers' requirements
  • Setting the direction for further product development
  • Learning about consumer trends
  • Find out the opinion of a given research sample on a selected topic

Market research conducted in synergy with competitive analysis and based on qualitative or quantitative research is a strong source of data and information, based on which you will be able to make informed decisions and effectively implement your ideas.

Why choose ConQuest Consulting's quantitative and qualitative research?

Since 1998, ConQuest Consulting's analyses and market research have been supporting entities in Poland and abroad enabling them to effectively achieve their strategic goals and make business decisions based on real data, as confirmed by numerous recommendations. If you want to learn how we have worked with other companies, check out selected case studies: Quantitative and qualitative survey for AGH and A qualitative study for the Polish Bank of Stem Cells.

We specialize in analysis and quantitative and qualitative market research on both B2C and B2B consumers. Through our research, you will learn about key trends in the market and receive data and information that is impossible to obtain through traditional methods. Our years of experience make us capable of obtaining information from even the most niche respondents.

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    Getting to know the specific needs of the target group

    Getting to know your customers' requirements

    Setting the direction for further product development

    Learning about consumer trends


    Creating a scenario or form

    Collection of results

    Development of questionnaires

    Presentation of conclusions and recommendations

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