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Are you missing out on new customers? Do you feel that your sales process is chaotic and could be streamlined? Or would you like to improve the image and traffic to your website? Our marketing and sales strategies will effectively help you gain a competitive edge!

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No burned-out business opportunities

Increase in the number of leads

Realizing competitive advantage

Distinguish the brand in the market

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When working with our clients, we often encounter cases where companies do not know how to use their potential to attract new customers. At ConQuest Consulting, we take a comprehensive approach to solving this problem and propose both sales and marketing strategies that optimize the activities of both departments, resulting in better company performance.

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    Saving your time and money

    Identify the advantage of your product or service

    Increase the value of your sales and profits

    Focus on activities with the highest ROI potential

    Effective communication with customers and clients

    Development of conclusions and recommendations

    Align marketing and sales activities with the latest trends


    Analysis of current target groups

    Analysis of existing outreach channels

    Clarify marketing objectives

    Development of a budget and schedule of activities

    Analysis of trends and best practices for the industry

    Definition of sales targets

    Selection of the most optimal sales channels

    Planning marketing campaigns

    How much does it take and how much does it cost to invest in creating a strategy?

    The most important factor affecting the timing of marketing and sales strategies is the size and industry in which the company operates. The creation of a strategy from scratch by a team of several consultants usually takes from 3 to 12 weeks. Unfortunately, it is difficult to give an exact period.

    The cost of preparing a comprehensive marketing and sales strategy ranges from several to several thousand zlotys, depending on, among other things: the scope of the planned activities, the company's target groups, individual requirements and the techniques used during the work.

    Why choose ConQuest Consulting?

    For 25 years ConQuest Consulting has been successfully supporting Polish as well as foreign companies in creating marketing and sales strategies, which is confirmed by numerous recommendations. We have already completed 1,200 projects, which has translated into more than 900 satisfied customers. Contact us and our specialist will tell you about cooperation with enterprises similar to yours.

    We work with various industries

    We have carried out projects for companies in many industries. Contact us and our specialist will tell you about cooperation with companies similar to yours.

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    Based on our past implementations, find out how we have helped our customers.


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