General questions


What is the cooperation with your company during the project?

At first, after submitting the form, one of our experts will contact you to find out how, we can help your business. The next step will be for us to prepare a personalized offer up to three business days. After reviewing the offer, we offer to discuss it in an online meeting, during which the Project Manager is present to present the proposed process of the project's course.

When you choose to work with ConQuest Consulting, one of our Project Managers and a team of consultants will begin project work within three days of signing the contract, tailoring the entire process to your needs. In order to achieve the best possible results and satisfaction, we encourage our clients to have weekly meetings to discuss the results and progress. During the course of the work, our Project Manager will be available to you by email and phone if questions arise.


How do you present the results of the survey?

We offer presentation of the results in a Word or PowerPoint file, depending on your needs. It is also possible for us to prepare the material in a specially designed graphic program (e.g. in the case of promotional reports) in accordance with the latest standards in the aspect of design.


Who is responsible for the implementation of the project?

Each project is assigned a Project Manager, who is responsible for its progress and customizes the process to meet your individual needs. During the course of the work, our Project Manager will be available to you by email and phone if questions arise.


What is our experience in conducting research?

We have 24 years of experience in business consulting for Polish and foreign companies. From the very beginning of our activity we have been implementing market research projects. Check out our sample implementations and meet our group of satisfied clients.


Market Analysis


How do you obtain the data?

We use primary and secondary data in the implementation of projects. We obtain primary data through qualitative and quantitative research in the form of interviews and surveys. We also analyze secondary data from industry reports, commercial reports and publicly available databases (Orbis, Emis, Statista, Eurostat, CSO). We also have an extensive partner network throughout Europe, which allows us to draw expert knowledge from reliable sources.


What if some information you are unable to obtain?

Despite the strong commitment of our team, not all information will always be obtainable. That's why we always offer our clients a managerial consultation during the sales process, where one of our Project Managers will inform about potential risks regarding the availability of information and present alternative solutions.


What are your recommendations for the scope of the study?

We prepare each offer, responding to the individual needs of a given client.


How will you determine the value/size of the market? Breakdown by individual players?

Both the determination of the value and size of the market and the assessment of the market share of the various players are carried out by analyzing secondary or primary data (in the case of niche markets).


What is the difference between primary and secondary research?

In the case of primary data, the information obtained comes from research conducted by ConQuest Consulting in response to the research problem you presented. Secondary research consists of analyzing data from foundational sources such as industry reports and databases.


Qualitative and quantitative research


Are we able to conduct the survey on a representative group?

Not all the surveys we have conducted are on a representative group. However, it should be noted that in many cases sample size plays a smaller role than, for example, sample matching. If you want to find out what consumers think about a certain topic, a smaller survey with qualitatively selected respondents will suffice.


How do we recruit people for the study?

Usually, if possible, potential respondents are sought through LinkedIn. This is a stage to which great attention should be paid. We recruit people for the research we conduct, after then studying their profiles in depth, so that, as much as possible, we match the respondents to the individual problem of our client.


How do we present the results of the survey?

Most often, based on the results of the survey, we prepare reports for our clients
With a summary of the collected material.


Competitive Analysis


What is the scope of the study?

The analysis prepared by us can cover such aspects as analysis of the financial situation, marketing practices, portfolio, sales processes, distribution network, among others.


Partners Matching/Lead Generation


What does the implementation of Partners Matching and Lead Generation campaigns look like?

When implementing a lead generation campaign, you first select a group of people you want to reach, and then contact them (most often through the LinkedIn platform, it is also possible to contact potential business partners by email or phone). Lead Generation is most often conducted in an automated manner - invitations on LinkedIn are sent by a special tool. Contacts who have shown a certain type of interest are forwarded to the client. Partners Matching differs from Lead Generation in that, in addition to finding and contacting suitable subjects, the project team also conducts contact with them at the first stage, e.g. to learn about their needs, to verify whether they are really interested in working with the client. In the case of Partners Matching, the number of leads acquired may be smaller, but they are better quality leads.


How do we help companies enter foreign markets?

Through an extensive partner network and extensive experience in business partner acquisition processes, we effectively help our clients take their first steps in a new market and establish their first partnerships. Read examples of how we have helped other companies.


Why should I opt for such a service when I can hire a salesman for the same price?

The number of leads acquired during the campaigns carried out is beyond the capacity of a single employee.


What about box capacity? With box clogging? How do we deal with it?

In the case of mailing campaigns, we do not send all the messages at the same time. The process is staggered, and messages are sent one at a time. In this way, we minimize the possibility of mailbox clogging, and our messages are not treated as spam.


What does the handover of a lead look like, at what stage is it?

Depending on the customer's preference, the leads acquired during the campaign can be transferred on an ongoing basis
during or after the project, we can compile a database of all contacts acquired.