Market research and competitor analysis

Are you about to make an important decision regarding entering a new geographic or product market? We will help you make the right choice!

In-depth market analysis and characterization of competition allow you to verify the market potential and choose the best location for planned projects. From our analysis you will learn if it’s worth to expand into new markets and which business model to adopt.

Business Consulting

Do you have to make an important strategic decision concerning further development of your business? We will analyze many possibilities and identify the optimal solution.

With an individual approach, ConQuest Consulting is an investment that guarantees our clients tangible business benefits in the form of increased sales and revenues!

European Union funds

European Union funds are available at your fingertips and our knowledge about the application process significantly increases the chances of your company to meet the criteria for EU programs. We offer comprehensive assistance in obtaining grants – from filling out an application to the development of the acquired assets.

With individual approach, business advisory of ConQuest Consulting is an investment which guarantees our customers tangible benefits!