European Union funds are available at your fingertips and our knowledge about the application process significantly increases the chances of your company to meet the criteria for EU programs. We provide comprehensive assistance in obtaining grants – from filling out an application to the development of the acquired assets.

We offer:

  • Writing applications for EU funds

Applications for acquiring financing are usually complex and require detailed knowledge of their requirements. Our experience in filling out applications help companies go through the application process.

  • Developing the necessary analyses

Programs offering EU funds often require attaching analyses justifying the validity of undertaken investment. Our analyses meet all essential requirements set by the finance unit.

  • Implementation of projects

We offer a range of services that will allow you to effectively use obtained EU funds. These include, among others, searching for business partners.

Delta Optical

What will you get?

  • Time saving
  • Guaranteed professional service
  • Support of experts with great experience
  • European Union funds which will help develop your business

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