Don’t you know how to reach potential customers? Your company image is not consistent? We can help you discover new sales channels and increase customer loyalty!

As a part of a marketing strategy we will show you principles on which your company should focus to effectively conduct its business and to achieve profit maximization. We will support you in building an effective marketing strategy based on marketing mix tailored to your audience which will help you create a stable, consistent image for your business. We will make it more recognizable.

Using our experience, research and best practices of the biggest market players, we will create tailored marketing strategy that will make your current customers coming back to you.

Delta Optical


  • Mystery Shopper research
  • Focus research
  • Omnibus research
  • Service Blueprints research

What will you get?

  • Greater brand recognition
  • Increase in your company’s sales
  • Acquiring new customers
  • Support of experts with a wide experience

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Examples of completed business projects

Development of a company image concept for the manufacturer of observation equipment

The project started with gathering information concerning brand activities of the main competitors in foreign markets and their distribution model.
Using telephone interviews we examined preferences and needs of potential customers concerning optical equipment. Interviews also provided additional information about used promotional channels and the perception of some competing brands.
In the third stage of the project, we created a strategy for entering German and Swedish market that was based on the analysis of the customers’ preferences and competitor analysis. We also recommended branding and promotional activities divided into three groups: one-time, regular and continuous. All information was presented in the form of a report.

Promotion strategy for web portals

A client asked us for help to promote three newly created web portals: portal with training offers, portal to create business plans and e-learning platform. The main objective was to create a strategy for the effective promotion for 2 groups: providers of portal’s training content and people who will use the site to find training. The strategy consisted of segmentation of potential customers of internet portals and planned actions to effectively reach described groups. We have created database of potential partners that helped our customer to speed up growth of his business.

Marketing strategy for the manufacturer of catering equipment

Our client, in order to start operations on the German market, contacted us to develop a marketing strategy. A team of ConQuest Consulting specialists analyzed the actions of competitors, compared prices, range and scope of current offers of companies in the industry. We checked preferences of German customers (HORECA sector entities such as hotels, restaurants and catering companies) and on this basis we found characteristics of products that are worth paying attention when conducting an advertising campaign. Then, we have selected the appropriate channels and proposed concrete actions to promote products on the German market. Our client received a list of fairs and industry associations and a list of proposed advertising channels such as trade magazines, web portals and database of companies.
Thanks to co-created strategy our client could start and successfully continue to sell his products in foreign markets.

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Polymem Ltd. Sp. z o.o.

Polymem Ltd. wysoko ocenia jakość zebranych informacji oraz rekomendacji udzielonych przez zespół ConQuest Consulting. Uważamy, że ConQuest Consulting jest godnym zaufania partnerem świadczącym usługi wysokiej jakości przy konkurencyjnych cenach.

Tomasz Wołynko, Członek Zarządu Polymem Ltd. Sp. z o.o.

Delta Optical Sp. J.

W okresie wrzesień-październik 2011 roku zespół ConQuest Consulting przeprowadził Badanie Satysfakcji Klientów spółki Delta Optical (…). Zespół ConQuest Consulting wykonał projekt zgodnie z początkowymi założeniami, dbając o wysoką jakość analizy…

Grzegorz Matosek, Prezes Delta Optical Sp. J.