Both on the Polish and foreign markets, an important element of developing a company’s strategy is to adapt its offer to the competition operating on the market. The basis for understanding market players is a detailed analysis of their activities in the field of marketing, sales and business model in a given area. As a result, our clients can easily identify the competitive background before starting operations. Through effective analytical methods, we are able to provide clients with market insights, crucial in creating the company’s strategy.

Collaboration with our team means being provided with an analysis complete with many insights on your competitors, acquired using both primary and secondary research methods. Our network of partnerships and collaborations allows us to authenticate all the information directly at the source.

Market research is conducted by a team selected from 30 ConQuest Consulting specialists. Additional support is granted by our partners’ network which consists of over 250 experts active in a spectrum of diverse markets, industries and specialties.

Case study

Our services help many customers to obtain external financing, including EU programs.
We provide consultancy services in programs such as Go to Brand or Grant 2.4.1.


tick  Desk research, which includes obtaining information from databases as well as competitors’ websites

tick  Identification of the direct competitive environment

tick  Analysis of the competitors’ proactive customer communication and its channels Verification of the marketing activities led by competitors

tick Mystery Client survey


tick  Presentation of the basic information on the operational activities, pricing policy and financial data of competitors

tick  Verification of the specificity of products / services offered by competitors and learning the elements distinguishing them on the market

tick  Determining the position occupied on the market by individual competitors, focusing on the market leaders

tick  Verification and measurement of the effectiveness of the channels for reaching potential recipients of the services / products offered by the competitors

tick Providing information on sales and marketing activities of the competition, in particular those determining the competitive advantage

How we helped our clients


Conducting an effective Market Analysis service that allows to identify and comprehensively analyze the leading solutions on the Polish market in the field of cloud services.


Effective analysis of the circulation of information as well as preparing
recommendations to be implemented in the PKP Group of maps of the information circulation in the BPMN notation.


An export action plan, on the basis of which the company’s development strategy was established, focusing on specific actions in the area of all Marketing Mix elements.

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