Any business might face the need for external support. For that, it is best to use the support of a partner specializing in global consultancy.

We base our services primarily on collaboration. Our aim is to help our clients understand the business mechanisms ruling their industry a lot better. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we provide extensive insight on prospective markets and key competition.
Market research is conducted by a team selected from 30 ConQuest Consulting specialists. Additional support is granted by our partners’ network which consists of over 250 experts active in a spectrum of diverse markets, industries and specialties.

Case study

Our services help many customers to obtain external financing, including EU programs.
We provide consultancy services in programs such as Go to Brand or Grant 2.4.1.


tick  Contact with public institutions and industry associations in the chosen country

tick  Desk Research study including the analysis of public and commercial databases

tick  Conducting expert opinion survey on specialists from the targeted industry

tick  Quantitative research (CATI, CAWI) to verify the preferences of service / product recipients

How we helped our clients


tick  Obtaining information about the market in terms of: the estimated size,  structure and development barriers

tick  Identification of trends and market practices in the surveyed sector

tick  Determining theopportunities and risks associated with entering the chosen market

tick  Providing in-depth information on the recipients’ preferences

tick  Understanding the factors that create demand / supply on the targeted market


Conducting an effective Market Analysis service that allows to identify and comprehensively analyze the leading solutions on the Polish market in the field of cloud services.


Effective analysis of the circulation of information as well as preparing
recommendations to be implemented in the PKP Group of maps of the information circulation in the BPMN notation.


An export action plan, on the basis of which the company’s development strategy was established, focusing on specific actions in the area of all Marketing Mix elements.

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