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Business plan for BTM Innovations Ltd.

On behalf of BTM Innovations Sp. z o.o., ConQuest Consulting has developed a market environment analysis and entry strategy for the German bellows compensator market.

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Consulting Service for BTM Innovations Company

Over a period of 5 months, the ConQuest Consulting team prepared the Business plan for BTM Innovations, with a market scope for metal bellows expansion joints. The aim of the project was to prepare a meticulous market analysis with an understanding of the group of potential customers, but also to prepare a market entry strategy.

What activities were included in the project?

The project began with a comprehensive German market analysis, including Values and structure of the metal bellows expansion joint market, and identification main competitors and potential customers. A key element of the project was expert interviews with people related to the industry, which allowed us to gain in-depth knowledge of market specifics and customer needs. In the second stage of work, we focused on identification of product potential  and Developing a market entry strategy.

Consultancy Results for BTM Innovations

As a result of our cooperation, BTM Innovations received A detailed business plan and strategy for entering the German market. This plan included recommendations on positioning of products, distribution channels and pricing strategy, which is the key to effective entry into a new market.

With the analysis and strategy in place, BTM Innovations can make more informed business decisions.

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