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Do you run a company and are you obliged to do ESG reporting now or in the coming years? Don't know where to begin the process of creating and implementing a Sustainability Strategy? Are you worried that you won't be able to handle the formalities? ConQuest Consulting will help you with it!

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Working with our clients, we often encounter situations where companies do not know how to effectively create a Sustainability strategy to meet the demands of contractors and the market. At ConQuest Consulting, we take a comprehensive approach to solving this problem and offer sustainability support that includes both environmental and social and management measures to prepare for market demands. Our approach is to identify key areas where the company can improve its ESG activities, and then develop and implement strategies that support growth and social responsibility, translating into improved performance and corporate reputation.


Better management of ESG risks and opportunities

Creating a Sustainable Development Strategy

Increase company transparency and accountability

Improve dialogue with stakeholders

Gain a competitive edge for years to come

Better understanding of the market context

Action plan and implementation of Sustainability in the company


Analysis of current ESG regulations

Analysis of competitors' activities

Analysis of customer requirements and supplier codes

Dual materiality analysis, including impact and financial materiality

Interviews with internal and external stakeholders

Definition of specific Sustainable Development goals

Design workshops

What is Sustainable Development Strategy?

The Sustainability Strategy is an action plan that supports the company's sustainable development and social responsibility. It helps companies minimize their environmental impact, support communities and comply with corporate governance principles while allowing them to reap benefits and stay ahead of the competition.

The key here is to analyze the market context and dual materiality to determine the environmental impact of operations and implement socially responsible practices. It is also important to maintain transparency in management, which builds stakeholder trust. Setting goals and metrics allows monitoring progress, and appropriate communication, such as through sustainability branding materials, informs stakeholders of the company's actions. An appropriate action plan and cooperation within the company ensure consistency and effectiveness of the Sustainability strategy.

How is it going project?

After signing the contract, you will be contacted by a specially assigned Project Manager, who will be responsible for the proper course of the project and coordination of cooperation.

  1. Management consultations will be held first, During which the Project Manager, together with a dedicated project team, will try to study your needs, so that the final result satisfies you and provided a reliable basis for making business decisions.
  2. The second stage will be to study the context in the market. Our consultants will look at existing regulations, make a detailed analysis of competitors' activities in the field of sustainable development, and examine customers' requirements, taking into account supplier codes. In addition, we will also interview intersectors to understand their needs and requirements.
  3. Then we will deal with double significance analysis. This comprehensive approach will allow us to assess both the financial and non-financial impact of various factors on your company.
  4. The fourth and final stage will be the selection of key ESG action areas (environment, society, corporate governance) and the setting of targets. Based on the data collected and analysis conducted, our consultants will set ESG goals and develop a detailed action plan.
  5. In addition, we can create image material in the visual identity of your company, which includes information on ongoing Sustainability activities.

This process will take place in close cooperation with you. We will organize workshops and status meetings to ensure your full involvement and to allow you to exchange information. Once the material is completed, the whole thing will be presented to you at a follow-up meeting, where we will answer all your questions.

Price and lead time Sustainable Development Strategy

In the design and implementation of a Sustainable Development strategy, key aspects affecting the cost and time of implementation include the range of factors analyzed, the sectors selected and the research methods used. The process of creating a Sustainability Strategy by a team of consultants usually takes 1.5 to 3 months, although this time may vary depending on the specific market into which the strategy is to be implemented and the level of detail and complexity of the required analysis.

The price for developing a comprehensive Sustainability strategy depends on various factors. Costs can range from a dozen to tens of thousands of zlotys, depending on elements such as data availability or the need for primary research. The intensity of information exchange with the client and the extent to which the strategy is personalized to the company's specific needs and goals are also important.

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Since 1998, we at ConQuest Consulting have carried out the following more than 1,200 projects, supporting entities in Poland and abroad enabling them to achieve their strategic goals, as confirmed by numerous recommendations. If you want to find out how the cooperation with other companies went, check out selected case studies below!

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