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Are you planning to start a new venture and need a plan? Need to verify, your business model? Don't know how to check whether your planned activities are legitimate or where to get the data you need for evaluation?

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Market and competition analysis
Financial model
and subsidies

Marketing strategy
and sales

Market entry strategy

We know the challenges companies face

Working with our customers over the years, we have gathered valuable experience that allows us to have a great understanding of the challenges faced by the business in the early stages of development. At ConQuest Consulting, we approach individually to each of your needs, creating a comprehensive business plan, tailored perfectly to the condition, conditions and industry in which you operate.

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    Preparation of a document ready for presentation to the investor

    Creation of action patterns and characterization of competition

    Develop a strategy for operating in the market

    Simplified measurement of the effects of implementing business plans

    Define the responsibilities of the entire team

    Revenue estimates for the first few years of operation


    Comprehensive market analysis

    Building a financial model

    Analyze the competitive environment

    Drawing up a sales and distribution strategy

    Preparation of market entry strategy

    Development of a business model

    Presentation of a list of possible financial subsidies

    Summary of market trends

    R&D work plan

    How much should I invest in a comprehensive business plan?

    It takes 4 to 10 weeks for several consultants to create a business plan from scratch. Unfortunately, it is impossible to determine the exact time it takes to complete such a project. The completion time depends on the complexity of the business, the market in which it operates and the external requirements that exist in the company's industry.

    The cost of preparing a comprehensive business plan by a consulting firm ranges from several to tens of thousands of zlotys. depending on, among other things: its length, the availability of data, the scope of additional services (such as financial analysis or investor search support) and the timing of the project.

    Why create a business plan with the support of ConQuest Consulting?

    Since its inception we have completed more than 1,200 projects. Much of the preparation of entire business plans or specific parts of them. We help clients in a variety of industries from animal feed manufacturers to medtech companies. Find out how we have helped a company BTM Innovations Sp. z o.o. and Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences, in a similar need to yours!

    We work with various industries

    We have carried out projects for companies in many industries. Contact us and our specialist will tell you about cooperation with companies similar to yours.


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