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Within three months, we completed a consulting project for Comarch Healthcare. It is a leading medtech company in Poland. The company's product portfolio includes telemedicine information systems, software for managing medical facilities, remote medical care, mobile medical applications, and proprietary medical and peri-medical products.

Comarch Healthcare is characterized by a hard-to-reach target audience. For the company, this means, a constant need to create new content that will engage potential customers and increase brand exposure.

Our client needed advice on creating an effective lead magnet to generate new business opportunities in the most efficient way possible.

What activities were included in the project?

The purpose of the activities undertaken was to develop marketing material in the form of a promotional report, which had:

  • Engage our client's target audience,
  • Become a new source of quality leads,
  • increase the mailing base.

As part of the project, the project team prepared scenarios for a quantitative survey on a group of 750 patients and 75 doctors.

In order to obtain the perspective of industry experts, 7 in-depth interviews were conducted, including the Rector of the Silesian Medical University, the President of the Polish Federation of Hospitals and the President of the Association of County Hospitals of the Silesian Voivodeship.

During the course of the work, regular consultations were held with the client, which made it possible to constantly evaluate progress, smoothly eliminate misunderstandings and create room for discussion. An analysis of all the data obtained in the study was also carried out. Based on the results obtained, the project team developed a substantive and graphically extensive promotional report, responding to the challenges and problems of those who manage medical facilities.

The results of consulting for Comarch Healthcare SA.

Report "eHealth. Patient vs. facility - differences in needs, expectations and opportunities"." contains valuable lessons for our client's target audience of hospital presidents and directors, insurance company employees, the MedTech industry, and people who would like to make their facilities more innovative.

All the activities undertaken in the project contributed to the creation of material that will make a real contribution to attracting new customers, expanding the mailing base and improving the quality of leads.

The material we prepared became a source of content for use on the website and social media. By tailoring the report to the interests of our client's target audience, it allowed us to create engaging posts.

To quote Natalia Bojdo, Product Marketing Manager: "We are satisfied with the result of the work, the material will be a solid basis for generating new business opportunities. We recommend ConQuest Consulting as a reliable business partner."

Thanks to the survey we conducted, Comarch Healthcare was able to delegate the preparation of an important part of its content marketing and focus on other goals during this time!

If you need support or advice in creating a promotional report that will interest your target audience and generate new business opportunities, please fill out the form below. You will be contacted by our specialist to, tell you how we can help you.

Z full version of the report you can read on the Comarch Healthcare website.

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