5 tips to improve cold mailing

Cold mailing is a form of marketing and sales that is growing in popularity. It involves planning and executing a mailing campaign to attract new customers, get answers on a particular topic or create new business relationships. Cold mailing is a formula used much more often than cold calling. It is more convenient, faster and, for some, much less embarrassing.

The use of cold mailing by a large percentage of companies, regardless of the size and characteristics of their business, is steadily gaining in popularity. The reason for this can be found in the low financial and time requirements. Creating an e-mail, depending on the degree of personalization is not a time-consuming process, and any costs associated with it are limited only to paying for the time of preparing such a message. On the other hand, what to do to make our email attract the attention of a potential interested party and to make it stand out from others? Here are 5 secrets of successful cold mailing.

Selecting the target audience for cold mailing

The effectiveness of the conducted campaign depends primarily on the appropriate anddentification of the target group. Before creating and sending emails, it is necessary to collect data of people and companies whose business profile is related to our offer and who may be interested in our product or service. In addition, try to search for data of decision-makers, which will actually be able to consider our offer. Only after we have created a database of contacts can we proceed to send emails and attract potential customers. In order to avoid duplicate messages, it is worth marking contacts who have already received our offer. You can use contact or message filtering for this.

Title key to success

The title is the first thing that attracts attention when checking an email inbox. In order for cold mailing to be effective, you should try to make it catch the attention of the potential customer. Application of unobvious i intriguing The title will greatly increase the chance of getting a response. Otherwise, if we use the standard "Offer...", the email may be treated as SPAM and end up in the trash without being read. Then all the effort in creating the content of the email will be in vain, and our email may be marked as the one with unwanted advertisements, which may hinder future marketing efforts.

The simpler, the better

Cold emails should be constructed in a way simple i clear. The use of embellishments and unnecessary embellishments of the message will most likely reduce our chances of getting an answer to the question asked.

Content The email should focus on the subject, be short and obvious to the recipient, who may not be fully versed in the area. Try to keep the email in an accessible form that will encourage a response.

Learn as much as you can

When sending emails, it is important to personalize message. Otherwise, it will be treated as spam, and our campaign will have low effectiveness. The most important thing to remember is that we write to another human being. The content must not look like it came out from under the machine. The message should be natural and, above all, tailored to the position of the recipient. If you include other personal information in the content, you should make sure that it is in line with reality. In addition, avoiding stiff and artificial formulas will make the customer more willing to establish a business relationship.

Don't give up

It's nothing that the recipient didn't write back to your message. When you conduct cold mailing on a large scale, your message may have ended up in the wrong folder or stuck in a jumble of other emails. A few days after sending your first message, write again. However, remember that each follow up should have changed content. Sending identical messages can reflect badly on your reputation and make the recipient uninterested in your offer.

What if we receive a negative answer? It should also be answered. You can try to get information about why the recipient reacted this way. Importantly, this should be done in an assertive manner, even if the customer expressed himself in a hostile manner.


Using the above-mentioned rules will increase the effectiveness of cold mailing and make your offer more attractive. Start applying them and enjoy success!

Anna Rękowska

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