Market analysis

Do you need information support or verification of data and analysis to make a strategic decision? Are you planning an expansion? Or maybe you want to research which market is the most promising? Our market analysis will help you with that!

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Estimation of past, present and projected market values and sizes

Identification of market trends and best practices

Identify opportunities and risks associated with entry

Identify success factors in your industry

Identify development prospects

Determine the position of your company in the market

Development of conclusions and recommendations


Analysis of commercial databases

Conduct desk research analysis of selected sources

Analysis of trends and key market developments

Conduct qualitative interviews with experts

Contact with industry institutions

Selection of potential partners

Interpretation of acquired financial and market data

What is market analysis?

Market analysis involves collecting, analyzing and interpreting information about the processes taking place in the market. In the course of it, we carry out numerous calculations and estimations to estimate the value and size of the market. Actions are taken to identify current trends and desk research is conducted to determine its potential. We create models that verify the validity of our hypotheses and facilitate strategic decision-making for your company.

When it is worth carrying out market analysis?

By performing a market analysis, we are able to provide you with information about the real situation in the market and our recommendations, on the basis of which you will be able to make key strategic decisions on business development. Carrying it out will allow you to learn about the specifics of a given sector by gaining comprehensive and objective knowledge of the situation in the market or its selected segments. What, among other things, will a market analysis help you with?

  • In identifying the most promising markets,
  • In identifying attractive market niches,
  • In minimizing the risk of making wrong business decisions,
  • In identifying market trends and best practices,
  • In identifying potential barriers and formal constraints,
  • In operating more efficiently in the current market, thanks to the market insides received.

Market research conducted in synergy with competitive analysis and based on qualitative or quantitative research makes it possible to provide complete information about the sector, its potential and the trends occurring in it.

What the project looks like market analysis at ConQuest Consulting?

Once you have gone through the sales process, you will be contacted by a dedicated Project Manager, responsible for coordinating the work of the consultants.

  1. First, there will be a management consultation, during which the Project Manager, together with the project team, will try to study the needs of your business as much as possible, so that the final result will satisfy you as much as possible and provide a reliable basis for strategic decisions.
  2. The second stage will be the so-called desk research, where our consultants will collect the most important market data and conduct in-depth analyses based on it. With this information, we will prepare a report that will provide you with the most important information about the market. During the project work, the team will use information contained in commercial databases.
  3. Once the material is finalized, the whole thing will be presented to you during a meeting summarizing the project work. We will then answer all your questions! On the basis of the information collected and analysis carried out, you will receive from us a set of recommendations that have already helped hundreds of our clients.

Why ConQuest Consulting's market analysis is worth choosing?

Since 1998, ConQuest Consulting's analyses and market research have supported entities in Poland and abroad enabling them to achieve their strategic goals, as confirmed by numerous recommendations. If you want to find out how the cooperation with other companies went, check out selected case studies: Market analysis for Decathlon i Market analysis for Kearney.

We specialize in estimating and calculating the size and value of markets, forecasting their development and identifying trends in them. Our years of experience make us capable of providing information on even the most niche sectors, and our clients appreciate us for our flexibility, understanding of their needs and comprehensive approach.

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