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Are you planning an expansion? Do you want to better understand the market in which you operate? Need to assess the profitability of entry? Want to realize the potential to grow your business? Our team can help you!

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We understand your needs.

Working with our customers, we see that Many companies in Poland face similar challenges, while there are mainly research agencies on the market providing their clients with data only. At ConQuest Consulting, we approach our consulting quite differently. In addition to obtaining the information you need, we will analyze it and work with you to draw conclusions that will help you make sound business decisions.


Estimation of past, present and projected market values and sizes with market segmentation and data on export and import volumes

Identification of market niches

Determination of absorptive capacity and market potential

Obtain key information on factors affecting the target market

Identify market trends and best practices including, for example, the most popular sales channels

Identify opportunities and risks associated with entry

Obtain market insights from quantitative and qualitative research

Development of conclusions and strategic recommendations


Analysis of commercial databases

Analysis of trends and key market developments

Macro environment analysis

Conduct qualitative interviews with experts

Conduct complementary quantitative research to expand secondary data analysis

Use of proven strategic analysis tools, e.g. SWOT and Porter's 5 Forces

What is market analysis?

Market analysis involves an in-depth study and evaluation of a specific market in order to understand its structure, dynamics and prevailing trends. The key element is to understand demand, which includes analyzing the amount of demand for specific products or services and identifying target groups and their needs. Competitive analysis is also important, which includes an assessment of current and potential competitors, their strategies, strengths and weaknesses, as well as market share.

Segmentation is also an important step, which allows to divide the market into smaller, easier-to-understand parts based on common characteristics such as consumer behavior or needs.

The market analysis also includes forecasting future developments, such as demand growth, price changes, or increased competition. The results of market analysis are essential for developing effective strategies.

How is it going project?

Once the contract is signed, you will be contacted by a specially assigned Project Manager, who will be responsible for the proper conduct of the project and coordination of cooperation.

  1. Management consultations will be held first, during which the Project Manager, together with a dedicated project team, will try to study your needs, so that the final result satisfies you and provided a reliable basis for strategic decision-making.
  2. Depending on the findings at the sales stage, the second stage will be to conduct secondary research (e.g., analysis of commercial databases), primary research (e.g., surveys, expert interviews), or a combination of both methods, where our consultants will collect key market data and conduct in-depth analyses based on it. Based on the information obtained, a report will be prepared to provide you with the most important information about the market.
  3. During the course of the work, the project team will arrange status meetings with you, and once the material is finalized, the whole thing will be presented to you at a follow-up meeting. We will then answer any questions you may have! Based on the information collected and analysis performed, you will receive a set of conclusions and strategic recommendations from us.

Price and Lead Time market analyses.

The most important aspects affecting the cost and time of the analysis, are the number of factors to be studied, the selected market and the method of analysis.

It takes from 2 to 10 weeks for several consultants to conduct the analysis, depending on the chosen method of analysis and the availability of the needed data. However, it is hard to give a specific amount of time that is needed to perform a market analysis. The completion time depends on the specifics of the market we want to study. It is also important how thorough an analysis we want to perform and how many factors we will take into account.

The cost of a comprehensive analysis by a consulting firm can range from several to tens of thousands of zlotys, depending on, among other things: The availability of market data, the emergence of the need for a primary survey, the size of the study group.

Why choose ConQuest Consulting?

For 25 years we have been successfully supporting Polish, as well as foreign companies in the implementation of market research, which is confirmed by numerous recommendations. We have already completed 1,200 projects, which has translated into more than 900 satisfied clients. If you want to learn how we have worked with other companies, check out selected case studies: Market analysis for Decathlon i Market analysis for Kearney.

We have carried out projects for companies from many industries.

Contact us and our specialist will tell you about cooperation with companies similar to yours. Make an appointment to free consultation, We will be happy to tell you how market analysis will help you make strategic decisions!


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