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The most important characteristics of a salesman during the sales process

Find out how respondents answered the question "Which of the listed traits of a salesman do you think is the most important during the sales process?". Patience and self-confidence were the least important, with 2.7% and 1.3% of respondents, respectively. Feel free to download the report and learn more about the qualities that respondents cited as most important!

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What affects the timing of a purchase decision?

By far the biggest influence on decision time during the B2B sales process is comparing competing offers and setting or waiting for a budget. If you're curious about how other factors fared in the survey, we encourage you to download the report.

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What do buyers think is most important in a B2B offering?

The most common answer to this question was to match the offers to the needs of the buying party. In second place was the price adequate to the scope offered. Find out about other factors by downloading our latest report!

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Statements of experts regarding the report


What will you find in the report?

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Survey results

Learn the perspective of 75 B2B decision makers on the buying process.

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Statement by Mateusz Ogonowski

Co-founder Growcode on B2B buying processes

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Statement by Maciej Jargillo

Sales Manager at Cloudity about B2B buying processes

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Conclusions and recommendations

Check out, our tips we developed based on the survey.



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