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Analysis of the potential of peer-to-peer carsharing apps

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What activities were included in the project?

The execution of the service required us to complete several specific steps.

The first was to conduct an analysis of the sector and the possibility of obtaining external financing. The project team also conducted an estimation of the value of the peer-to-peer carsharing market in Poland together with forecasts until 2027. The market share of the new application was estimated, as well as potential revenues within 5 years of market entry.

Consulting results for Novelty Ltd.

The activities undertaken in the project contributed to the creation of a customized report, summarizing the profitability of entering a new market, which was key to the venture from a strategic point of view.

The results of our work made it possible to determine the market demand for our client's solution and, based on this, draw the conclusions needed for the company's decision to diversify its operations. With our support, the company was able to make an important strategic decision based on the results of an in-depth analysis. This allowed the company to avoid incurring unnecessary costs and suboptimally allocating resources.

Quoting a reference letter provided to us by the company's president "Our cooperation, allows us to recommend, as specialists in market analysis Project Manager and project team."

Thanks to the survey we conducted, Novelty Ltd. was able to make better business decisions!

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