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Gpi Tanks competitive analysis

Check out how we helped Gpi Tanks obtain information on its most promising markets.

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Market and competition analysis for Gpi Tanks Poland company

Consulting service for Gpi Tanks

ConQuest Consulting team completed a consulting project for the company Gpi Tanks, one of the largest manufacturers of stainless steel storage tanks.

The company approached us for market and competition analysis stainless steel tanks, in order to obtain information on the most prospective markets. Thanks to our services, Gpi Tanks was able to make sound and informed business decisions!

What activities were included in the project?

The report we prepared consisted of a market analysis containing information on:

  • market values by 9 sectors and provinces, along with a forecast for the coming years,
  • trends currently prevailing in the markets,
  • The risks and opportunities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,
  • market structure.

The competitive analysis, on the other hand, included the identification of the most important competitors in the sales markets and an analysis of their financial data, along with a comparison with Gpi Poland. The entire report is summarized with the most important conclusions of the analyses and recommendations.

Consulting results for Gpi Tanks

After the completed service, the company received the following from us A comprehensive and specially tailored report, which analyzes the various factors in detail affecting markets of interest to our client.

Aleksandra Chmiel-Karakuła, Marketing Coordinator, said this about our cooperation:

"The project was carried out with integrity, taking into account our needs and requirements. Professionalism and meticulousness were maintained during its implementation. The report helped Gpi Poland Sp. z o.o. to make important business decisions."

As a result of our cooperation, the company now has a precurrent development plan, being at the same time aware of potential opportunities and risks related to its potential markets.

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