Four tools that will transform your newsletter

Mailing systems are developing remarkably in our domestic market, and as a result, SME companies using these services can expand their brand awareness by reaching out to potential customers at a low cost. These tools, moreover, open the enterprise to easy communication with customers and build longer business relationships with them. Below are the most popular mailing platforms.


It is one of the most popular systems in our country. Freshmail offers twelve types of campaigns, including autoresponders, transactional emails, optimizing shipping time, SMS and MMS. In addition, the client can send a ready-made newsletter of his service by cyclically downloading the page in HTML form and presenting it to the recipients in the sent email. A very innovative service is also the ability to organize promotions using generated barcodes attached to messages.

Freshmail offers a detailed analysis of each recipient and their history, giving the customer a chance to learn more about their needs. The free package allows you to maintain multiple mailing lists with a total of 500 contacts, to whom you can send a maximum of 2,000 emails per month.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Large array of templates
  • Personalization of sent emails
  • Free account
  • "Pay as you send" - The fee depends only on the number of e-mails sent


  • Low degree of audience segmentation in the campaign

Mailer Lite

The system is very easy to use and clear to the customer, which makes it easy to implement even for a layman. Using Mailer lite, the consumer gets access to features such as:

  • Graphic newsletter editor
  • Built-in photo editing
  • Subscriber management and newsletter results tracking system
  • A/B testing
  • Forms for the website
  • Autoresponders
  • RSS to email
  • Campaign with repetition (repeat message to recipients who did not respond in the first round of mailing)
  • Free templates

A very interesting solution is the iPad Subscribe App offered by the developers, which, by installing it on an Apple-branded tablet, can easily encourage a visitor to the company's booth at various events to sign up for the newsletter. Mail lite offers a free account for sending messages to less than 1,000 subscribers; above that number, the customer must expect to pay fees.


  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • A blog run by the creators of
  • Free account
  • Low costs after exceeding the free package


  • No ready-made HTML templates.


It is an ASP-type tool (no installation required, access from any computer connected to the Internet). It takes into account a very extensive editing and sending system, which gives the ability to handle databases with customer addresses. Collection of data and links selected by recipients allows clients to generate statistics and study recipients' reactions to content sent in the newsletter. SARE is also distinguished by extensive technical support from the manufacturer. This has resulted in the development of, among other things, the ability to create reports in a readable tabular form, or the protection of the dispatch from sudden problems related to interruptions in access to the service.


  • Sarescript add-on - facilitating personalization of mailings at multiple stages (sender, images, content) and extensive supervision of the content of sent messages.
  • In-depth data analysis capturing the campaigns conducted.
  • Fully integrated mailing with survey and SMS sending.


  • The packages vary drastically in price.
  • Free package available for 30 days only.


It is one of the most popular programs of its kind globally, it has been on the market since 2001 and is used by more than 10 million people, sending 600 million emails a day. We are using Mailchimp right now, so what do we think is its greatest asset? The combination of simplicity of use, ease of personalization and a user-friendly interface, as well as the availability of many tutorial videos and articles. Familiarizing yourself with their content allows you to quickly learn how to use the newsletter platform. An additional convenience created by the developers is a mobile application dedicated for Android and iOS, through which the user can manage his mailing lists and account at any time. It is worth mentioning that the program is not perfect, a major inconvenience is the classification of messages sent through the program by Gmail as social, and thus the risk of not being read by the recipient. Mailchimp services are divided into 3 sectors that differ in price and scope: Starting Up (free), Growing Business (from $20) and Pro Marketer.


  • Simple interface
  • Ability to integrate with Google Analytics
  • Option to synchronize data with CRM and CMS software
  • A full depiction of the effects of the campaign
  • Ability to create fully customized profiles for subscribers


  • No Polish language version
  • Noted problems with message delivery to Polish email boxes
  • Classification of emails as social messages by Google mail

With a wide range of mailing platforms, you are able to automate your newsletter and run it effectively without advanced technical skills. By opting for this type of marketing campaign, you can achieve tangible benefits ensuring brand recognition, retention and building customer relationships. Today's systems show great simplicity, so even when opening a one-person business, the average investor should not have any problems in using such a tool.

Marcin Wieloch

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Four tools that will transform your newsletter

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