Key principles of effective management

Managing people is such a complex task that it is impossible to list all the difficulties
related to it. The first appear as early as the planning stage, the next when monitoring the work, the next when evaluating the employee. However, there are solutions that help
in managing people and improve performance on many levels. Being both a boss and a leader, they have one main task - to lead a group of employees towards a specific goal. They give orders and control the progress of the work. On the surface, it seems that these are synonyms to describe the same person, but is this really the case? They perform the same activity, which is directing people, but there is a huge difference in the method used to do it.


Planning and goal setting

Goals must be set; a sense of aimless work will demotivate any person, and this is a
the last thing a manager wants. A motivated employee works more willingly, and most importantly
faster. Time is a limited resource, so no company can afford to waste it
go. In addition to the main goal, smaller, "intermediate" goals should be set through which the
success will seem less and less distant. There are many applications in which a manager can
to write out a plan for completing the task and set specific deadlines. These applications work on the principle of this
to the lists, are coordinated with the calendar and do not require sending more emails, already
clogging up the manager's inbox.



Usually a manager has many employees under him, each of them has many tasks, works in different
hours - he also has his personal life, which sometimes forces him to violate his working hours - and he has a personal life.
so it is impossible to remember everything and not make mistakes. Errors regarding working time involve the most sensitive sphere for the employee, as they can cause miscalculation of overtime,
due vacation or even salary. Helpful in managing the company's working time are
tools such as Comarch TNA. It is an inexpensive to implement time and attendance system,
The configuration of which takes into account the needs of a particular company. The system is composed of devices
Comarch TNA Gateway placed at entrances/exits to record attendance at work
and mobile application. Reports generated by the system help manage attendance,
employee efficiency and discipline are improved; they also have an intuitive channel at their disposal
communications, where they can report business trips, vacations, absences and the like. Systems like
Comarch TNA make the circulation of information in the company incomparably better, and control of the
work done - easier.

Development and improvement

A manager should pay attention to the personal progress of his employees. It is good that tasks are
performed correctly, it is good that the employee is conscientious, which is evident from the monitoring of his work....
But there is still room for development. An obvious tool to support employee development is
Investing in training related to their work. However, many companies are also beginning to focus on other
spheres of life - funding language courses of the employees' choice, ensuring the possibility of
good nutrition in the workplace, allows the use of gyms and fitness classes. Back
here to motivation - people in our cultural circle do not live only by work, they need a springboard.
An employer that incorporates this factor into its management system should see an increase in
Team motivation.


People are very different and have different working styles. This is a truism, but it is from this fact that most
problems. For example, there has been a slow move away from promoting multitasking; it turns out that barely
2% population actually works best doing several activities at once, while the rest feel
then more stress, wastes time by constantly processing one activity over and over again, and commits
mistakes. Such a feeling often leads to professional burnout. In view of this, one cannot expect
one way of scheduling work will work for everyone. However, if you leave the employee free hand in the disposition of the work day, you need to review your system from time to time. The worst thing that can happen to a project is panicky last-minute work. In view of this, it is necessary to check the progress of the work at each stage of achieving the goal and make sure that the task is clear.



An employee should feel appreciated for his above-average merit. Otherwise, he is likely to
will find that it is not worth making too much effort, because it does not get noticed anyway. This is not necessarily the case
About material rewards, however, it is worth considering the introduction of an incentive system
In a company. There are a number of different options - consider the age of the employee, his or her
personal interests and passions, if known, and the specifics of the industry. The way out is always
cash prize, but instead you can choose vouchers, passes and various vouchers. The companies' offerings are
rich in this regard. "Governance is about ensuring that the conditions are in place for an organization to operate in accordance with its objectives, i.e. to fulfill its mission, achieve its goals in line with it
and maintained the necessary level of coherence for survival, i.e., the separation of the
from the environment, and development, i.e. realization of the mission and goals in the future," says Kozminski's definition
and Jemielniak. It is worth using the systems and tools available on the market, some of them very innovative, to improve management in the company.

Aleksandra Kostrzynska

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