Outsourcing - the benefits of specialization

Entrepreneurs are constantly thinking about how to cut expenses and reduce the cost of doing business. Competition in the market is not idle, and the expectations of business owners and their services are getting higher and higher, so it is necessary to find a golden mean that will allow you to do the work efficiently, plus it will not be associated with too high a monetary outlay. What if some of the tasks could be entrusted to someone who will do it better and cheaper? Such expectations are met by outsourcing.

What exactly is outsourcing?

The name comes from English and is an abbreviation of three words: outside-resource-using, which literally means using the resources of external sources. In the business environment, it describes the delegation of some tasks and projects, or the performance of certain functions to a specialized external company, which, thanks to its specialization, performs these tasks more professionally and, most importantly, more cheaply.

A new alternative to saving money

At first, outsourcing was treated only as a basic instrument for minimizing expenses. An example is the activities of entrepreneurs in the clothing industry, who concentrate the manufacture of products in the Asian market, where production costs and, above all, wages are significantly lower than in Europe. The price of outsourcing depends on the type of outsourced services, but is most often characterized by a lower amount compared to the performance of specific tasks by the outsourcing company. Also in favor of outsourcing is the fact that sometimes current tasks require new skills not possessed by current employees . Outsourcing allows, in this case, the comfort of using external sources and minimizing the costs associated with hiring full-time employees.

Outsourcing in numbers

According to statistics, outsourcing has once again seen an increase in terms of interest - in 2015 the sector grew at a rate of 18% to 20 % compared to 2014. The previous year also showed that employment in the industry amounted to 150,000 people, and forecasts for future years are even more promising, with an estimated 250,000 by 2020.

Positive outlook

Currently, outsourcing is dominated by 3 branches : SSC (shared service centers) and KPO (centers for advanced analysis and expertise services) and BPO (business services sector), which has proven to be the most dynamic sector in terms of growth. Of all those working in the SSC/BPO sector in Central and Eastern Europe, citizens of our country account for as many as 40%. It is worth noting the huge potential of Polish companies providing outsourcing services. Business centers of foreign companies are located in the country, and Kraków is particularly trusted, having been identified as one of the most attractive cities in the world in terms of the services provided there.

Outsourcing is an important process that greatly facilitates work and allows entrepreneurs to reduce expenses. It is therefore a strategic business tool that helps manage the company and facilitates its development. It should be remembered that it is the positive impact on the functioning of the organization that is the main benefit of outsourcing for Polish entrepreneurs.

Aleksandra Borkowska

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