Why can employee outsourcing help your company?

Outsourcing is a modern management strategy that involves separating from the company's structures tasks that are not directly related to the core business of the company. The tasks are carried out by external entities. This allows the company to focus on areas that are its core business. Thus, in the case of employees, outsourcing refers to hiring them from another company for a specific period of time. An important fact is that the rental does not concern the employee himself, but the work he performs. This is because he is employed by another company and performs his work for our entity. This means that the basis of this model is the specific services that the employee undertakes to provide. So is it worthwhile to use employee outsourcing?

How to do employee outsourcing well?

Hiring employees can be done in two ways. One is to hire an employee directly from another company. The other is to use the services of an employment agency, or outsourcing company. Usually, the second solution is most often chosen by business owners. In both cases, a well-formulated contract is important. Despite the freedom of its formulation, it should be borne in mind that from its content it should be clear that the transfer of work actually took place and was not a sham action. The implication of this is that in the event of non-payment of labor contributions by the new employer, law enforcement authorities will charge the outsourcing company with the amount due. Such a provision in the contract closes the way to possible claims. It is also advisable not to interfere in the relationship between the outsourced employees and their old employer in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

What benefits does outsourcing bring to a company?

Often companies do not have the time and trained people to conduct a proper recruitment process. Some companies operate in a market that is characterized by seasonality of work, so they only need employees for a short period of time. In both of these cases, it is helpful to outsource the hiring of employees to another company. Then the entire recruitment process lies with the agency. It employs relevant specialists whose task is to find people who best match the employer's requirements. The entity performing these services also relieves the company of dealing with administrative matters. It does not have to draw up appropriate personnel and payroll documentation, create an incentive system, or provide appropriate training and testing. In addition, the agency's rental services are treated differently in accounting terms. This is because they are considered external costs rather than fixed labor costs, which ensures a reduction in liabilities over the long term.

Benefits of outsourcing for the employee

By using the services of an employment agency, an employee has a better chance of finding a job that meets his expectations and is ideally suited to his competencies. This rule applies to professionals trained in strictly specific fields, as well as to people who are just beginning their career path or are simply interested in seasonal work. Employment agencies also facilitate the employee's trip abroad, where they provide accommodation, transportation, handle all the paperwork and act as his/her guardian while performing work outside the country. The solution presented also provides opportunities for development and suitable conditions for acquiring new skills. The rule especially applies to those who are taking their first steps in the labor market or intend to work in a different industry than before. Taking up employment on the basis of employee leasing sometimes also involves the flexibility of one's work. The employee can decide how much and in what form he wants to work. This feature allows for a better work-life balance.

Benefits of outsourcing for the employee

Where to look for outsourcing offers?

In this regard, as usual, the Internet becomes useful. There are many companies on the market that professionally deal with the outsourcing of employees. Note that beforehand you need to specify specifically what kind of people you need. Are we looking for people a higher level, efficient problem solvers? Is it necessary for us to have basic employees who will constitute a workforce for us? This is necessary because some companies on the market specialize only in hiring employees from specific industries. A great example of this would be companies that outsource people employed in IT, or companies engaged in "headhunting," i.e. finding and deploying people in management positions to other companies.

Employee outsourcing is not only an alternative to employment, but above all a modern management strategy. It brings many benefits for the employee himself, as well as the employer. It is also a good option for companies that want to save time and focus on key parts of their business.

Jakub Leśniewski

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