Why does ecology dictate the terms of operation for large companies?


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For several months we were engaged in preparing a report on the activities of large companies towards ecology. The data in it was compiled on the basis of a survey, whose respondents were mainly sustainability managers, in companies with more than 250 employees. In addition, the report was enriched by in-depth qualitative interviews of people involved in ecology at companies.


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Companies' commitment to environmental protection is growing worldwide. Factors such as increasing green investments and a sustainability strategy are conducive to reducing an organization's negative impact on the environment. The level of environmental performance of a given company is influenced by a variety of factors, which bring numerous benefits to the company itself. In order to determine which are the most important environmental measures taken by large organizations, we conducted a survey of people interested in the topic of CSR.


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For many years, the European Union has been steadily introducing strict environmental standards to promote green and sustainable development. The organization's strategic goal is not only to create an economy that is efficient and low-carbon, but also to improve the natural capital of the Old Continent. The changes in reporting are intended to provide reliable information relating to sustainability activities, as well as to facilitate the entire process of reporting by large companies.


Statements of experts regarding the report


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Survey results

Read the results of a survey whose respondents were mangers in large companies!


Statements by experts

Get the perspective of experts from various industries and read Case Studies. You'll find contributions from BNP PARIBAS, Warbud and others in the report!


Description of the latest environmental trends

Learn about the environmental impact of technology and see what innovative companies are doing!


Best practices for employees

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