Content marketing - the king in building relationships with consumers

"Traditional marketing talks to people. Content Marketing talks to them" - these words by Doug Kessler perfectly express the idea of Content Marketing and aptly demonstrate what it has won the hearts of so many entrepreneurs with. Now seen as one of the most effective tools, Content Marketing does its job by creating and distributing valuable and intriguing content that meets the needs of the audience (you'll learn about it by doing a consumer research). The main goal is to interest and engage potential customers by understanding their needs in depth. Nowadays, Content Marketing has become a powerful business tool - it gives you the opportunity to reach thousands of people. It offers them an interesting message, which at the same time prompts them to take a certain action, i.e. make a purchase. It's no wonder, then, that it has gained such great popularity among the largest companies from all over the world, as well as among small and medium-sized businesses.

Source of success

Content marketing is much more effective than traditional advertising because, unlike common messages, it is not based on persuasive action, but on providing the recipient with rational arguments and providing specific benefits. It is distinguished by the fact that, thanks to marketing methods, the potential customer feels that the message he receives is directed individually to him. This is supposed to trigger a series of further events - the consumer stops and focuses his attention on the personalized content. Then the interesting message prompts him to reflect, and as a result to buy the advertised product or use the service. So, the goal is achieved - in line with the brand's objectives. Content marketing has an advantage over ordinary advertising mainly because it is the only one that allows you to really engage your target audience and build a relationship with them. The pinnacle of the dream for a content marketer is to create such a strong relationship with the customer, in which he or she even actively seeks sales messages. For this reason, they are eager to return to a proven brand in the future.

How to create an effective content marketing strategy?

Despite appearances, carrying out an effective content marketing strategy is not the easiest task. When creating this type of communications, it is important to remember a few basic principles. First, the targeted message must be credible - it is worth making it more attractive with expert opinions, guides or source support in the form of, for example, statistical data. Such content gives the impression of reliability and value, and authenticity is what customers value most. Another feature of effective content marketing is uniqueness. Effective content should be one-of-a-kind, distinguishable from traditional advertising, so it will definitely catch the attention of the audience more. It is also worth remembering the typically basic principles, such as practicality and universality of the message. We should cover topics and issues that concern certain groups of people, rather than individuals, which will ensure a larger audience.

What exactly is effective content marketing?

However, effective content marketing is not only about creating valuable messages, but also about skillfully managing them to reach customers. Nowadays, the essential platform for action is the Internet, with the observed trend that most of the attention of content marketers is focused on social media. What are the effects of this? In media such as Facebook and Twitter, you can immediately see the "work" of our content - 80% of activity under posts occurs within the first hour of publication. The case is different for blogs, newsletters or expert articles, which take much longer to attract an audience. Therefore, content marketing should be used as a kind of investment that will pay off in the future. Adhering to these principles, a brand will easily attract the attention of loyal customers.


Content Marketing = content customer + content marketer

It has not been known for a long time that content marketing strategy is mutually beneficial. The consumer will be satisfied when the published content interests him - he will be able to make a conscious choice, identifying with the brand and its values. After all, the customer buys not only the product or service, but also the ideas or worldview of the brand. It can be said that he or she becomes part of its story, which is why he or she is eager to return to it for further purchases. In turn, marketers' satisfaction grows with customer satisfaction. If the prepared and published content brings benefits, the invested money will pay off.

Nowadays, more and more companies that have understood that only this route guarantees them to reach their customers are using this method. What's more, one can easily observe that the number of brands interested in this kind of strategy continues to grow. No wonder, then, that content marketing has been the king of global marketing for several years. So what are you waiting for? Get on the side of the marketing of the future today!

Natalia Wesolowska

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