Why Use Business Consulting?

The basic premise of consulting companies is to provide expert advice to assist an organization that has decided to use this type of service. During their work, consultants use the materials they have collected to analyze the selected situation. This adds value to the knowledge and materials prepared by employees, for which the company is willing to pay. According to a 2019 survey conducted by the Prospect Foundation on 105 Polish entrepreneurs, more than 70% of them said they had encountered problems they could not solve without the help of an external company. The next most popular answer was the one indicating that a consulting firm provided new insights into the data that the service recipient was analyzing.

Where is consulting most prevalent?

The complexity of the selected market sectors and the desire to save time influence the range of activities of consulting companies. It is possible to distinguish the projects that Polish entrepreneurs are most interested in. These are:

  • The company's operating strategy for future years
  • Expansion into new markets
  • New product implementation
  • Improving efficiency in a selected area within the organization
  • Optimize the company's costs and processes
  • Tax and legal advice
  • Support for marketing activities


Instead, looking at the situation on a global scale, the business consulting market reached a value of $250 billion in 2019, and one area that is exceptionally gaining in popularity for the use of such services is the IT sector. Through increased digitalization locally or globally, it is becoming clear that in order to qualify as a viable competitor in the field of new technologies, market flexibility is essential, which consulting firms are helping to develop.

Polish consulting market

More than 2 million businesses in Poland are small and medium-sized companies that make up the vast majority of all local economic activity. So in response to market demand, it is now possible to find a specialized consultant in almost any field. Through consulting, it is possible to implement a professional project despite the lack of an in-house staff of specialists. Moreover, such a service brings additional knowledge and practices similar to those of global corporations. Due to the fact that the approach to the client is strongly individual due to a separately separated workforce for tasks, business risks are strongly minimized.

Time is money

After hiring an outside company to carry out tasks that consumed a large portion of work time due to their complexity, there is an opportunity to work on other pressing aspects. This should be taken as a countermeasure against the company's processes being slowed down at the expense of the problematic aspect. In the course of the evolution of innovation efforts in companies, it has been proven that factors blocking or slowing down activities in the company negatively affect the synergies of branches within the organization. So if the need arises, it is worthwhile to take advantage of outside expertise.

Benefits rank

Consulting in some way reflects how clients and the market define strategy for companies in general terms. It offers an additional rational-analytical perspective, where the problem becomes smaller with the undertaking of this service. In the local market, competition between companies is intensifying, and this is true for most sectors as we know them. Thus, every obstacle encountered requires steps to be taken, and if one of them was to be specialized human capital from outside, this alternative is worth considering.

Veronika Szafraniec

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