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Team ConQuest Consulting over the past few months has completed a consulting project for the C&F S.A. It is one of the largest IT solutions companies in Poland, with headquarters in Warsaw and offices in Denver and Heidelberg. C&F specializes in data management, analytics, digital transformation and GRC (governance, risk management and compliance).

Having been in business for 20 years, the company has already managed to establish itself and develop long-term business relationships with leading industry companies around the world. However, in order to continuously maintain a competitive position in the market, it is necessary to constantly study the needs of its customers and adapt the specifications of its products to them.

Our client wanted to solicit in-depth feedback on the application being developed to gain valuable insights and best tailor the product to its target audience. With our help, it can better understand its audience!

What activities were part of our project?

The execution of the project required us to complete several steps.

The first was the preparation of a complete survey scenario.

The next step was to carry out IDI research On the target group, namely internal auditors working in Anglo-Saxon countries. IDI (In-Depth Interview) is a research method that involves conducting one-on-one interviews with a single respondent, which usually last from 30 minutes to several hours. The purpose of these interviews was to understand a more detailed perspective of the subject under study, the way people think, feel, attitudes and experiences.

The next step, was to analyze the survey results we collected.

Finally, after obtaining the results, we were able to develop a comprehensive report with conclusions and recommendations for the direction of our client's product development.

Consulting results for C&F

All of the above project steps contributed to the creation of a unique, customized report describing the detailed opinions and needs of the client's target group.

The results of our work have allowed the company to see areas of its application that are working in an exemplary manner and those that need improvement. Thanks to our support, the company can continuously improve its service, which will also contribute to the loyalty and satisfaction of its customers in the future!

To quote the reference letter provided to us by Head of Marketing Joanna Kuzmicz "The ConQuest Consulting project team conducted the interviews in a professional manner and demonstrated a high level of competence throughout the project."

Thanks to our survey, C&F can make more accurate business decisions and continuously improve its product, which translates into results for the entire organization!

If you would also like to find out the opinion of your target audience about your product or service or conduct other qualitative research - get in touch with us! Fill out the form below and we will be happy to tell you how we can help you during the free consultation!

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