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Social media and decision makers in the B2B industry

The social media that are most popular among respondents are primarily the Facebook platform and LinkedIn. Almost 86% of all respondents agree with this answer. In addition, nearly 75% of respondents say they have an account on Instagram, and nearly 68% use YouTube.

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What is behind a successful marketing strategy?

Experts agree that one of the key elements in building a successful marketing strategy is to know the needs and preferences of your audience. It is important to create engaging and interactive content.

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What is most important when creating content online?

Nearly 70% respondents stress the importance of short and concise content. Sources and availability of materials are also considered important. In contrast, frequency of publication, as well as additional attachments and links to related content, do not enjoy high importance in the opinion of survey participants.

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Statements of experts regarding the report


What will you find in the report?

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The usefulness of social media in B2B marketing

Which social media are the most popular? Which ones are used most often for professional development?

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Content that is important to the audience

Analysis of the popularity of selected types of published content.

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Statements by experts

Expert opinion on creating effective content marketing.

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Case Studies

Examples of ConQuest Consulting's effective assistance in creating marketign strategies and promotional reports.



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