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Polish IT innovation market has prospects for dynamic growth

The market environment in Poland should be described as providing good opportunities for technological innovation. This consists of a large supply of talent - people who specialize in the technology industry - as well as Poland's economic integration within the European Union and developed transatlantic relations.

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Indirect or direct commercialization - how to choose and what to follow?

When it comes to IT innovations, there is one particularly frequently chosen model for commercializing a solution. Is it the optimal way? How does it differ from others and what are the pros and cons of each commercialization model. Check out our report to learn more.

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Where to get funds to develop innovative solutions. Is there one best source?

Only 27% Polish start-ups say they have not used their own funds as a source of financing in the past. Is this the best way to go? The choice of a source of external financing largely depends on the stage of advancement of the product. Public authorities focus on innovation, grants and subsidies increase investment and liquidate companies. Learn more about external financing options.

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Statements of experts regarding the report


What will you find in the report?

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Analysis of the Polish technological innovation market

Poland's position in terms of innovation, factors supporting the development of the IT sector, challenges of commercialization of innovations.

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Description of methods of commercialization of innovations

Basic commercialization models: licensing, copyright transfers, indirect, spin-off and spin-out.

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An example of how the process is divided into stages of commercialization

List 5 steps for successful commercialization: value verification, incubation, demonstration, promotion, and expansion.

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Description of external funding opportunities

Characteristics of the sources of foreign capital available in the IT sector for innovative companies.

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